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Knotted 13 Inch Rigid Pine Wand with Hippogriff Feather Core

tell me where our time went, and if it was time well spent. just don't let me
fall asleep feeling empty again. cause i fear i might break, and i fear

"The first known Jonathan was a son of King Saul in the Hebrew Bible, a close friend of David. The name's origin, Yonatan, is a popular masculine Israeli name, appearing in the Hebrew Bible." He was given this name by his mother who intended the French usage of the name as the name idea originated after somebody she knew well during her childhood, though she chose to manipulate the spelling so the name wasn't as common.
"From the name of a town in Italy, originally called Lauretana in Latin. Supposedly in the 13th century the house of the Virgin Mary was miraculously carried by angels from Nazareth to the town." His father and mother decided to name him Loreto as they wanted to show his Italian heritage, but did not know what gender he was going to be, so they chose a unisex name.
"The surname Phillips and its many variations are believed to be patronymic surnames, which mean they were originally derived from the male first name Philip or Phillip. Philip or Phillip is from the Greek: "Philippos", a compound of "philein", to love, and "hippos", horse. Hence, "lover of horses" or "friend of horses." "
"From a family word that indicated a "godfather". In Sicily o parrino could be also a "parish priest". " Although Phillips is Jon's legal surname and his surname by birth, Jon has recently found out that his father changed his name after a long-winded family feud, and that his surname should have been Parrino. Since learning this information Jon has been conflicted and confused to whether he should change his surname to Parrino, to keep his legal surname, or to change his surname to his mother's. (Name information from
Gionata: Is the italian version of "Jonathan". This nickname was given to him by his father and was used as a display of affection. Since his father's death, his mother, Cerise uses this nickname when Jon is in trouble because it captures his attention. Batman: It was originally a self-given nickname, as Jon went through a phase of hating his name because it was too common and boring. The name has now stuck and his close friends directly refer to him as batman, or any variation of batman. Jon: This is the most recent nickname he has been given and is merely a shortened version of his name. He now prefers to be called Jon because to a degree he has grown out of the Batman nickname and wants to seem more mature and be treated like he has matured from responding to the name of a comic book character.
Jonathon was born in a muggle hospital in New Zealand on August 22, 2016. He was born relatively healthy and without major complications
Jon currently resides in a house on the Queenstown lakeside that he inherited from his late father. The house is charmed to look small and modern on the outside however on the inside it is much larger. It has four bedrooms and an open plan kitchen and living area. Jonathon loves his house because he and his family used to stay there every summer until he turned 10 and now that he owns the house he is glad to spend all his time there.
Angelo Parrino and Cerise Allard. Angelo is an Italian born pureblood wizard that later changed his surname because of a family feud. He worked as a professor at a renowned muggle university and actively played two roles in the muggle and wizarding world and passed away when Jonathon was age 13. Cerise Allard, his mother (nicknamed Cess) is a French born muggle who spent her younger years in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to New Zealand, she has now returned to live in Boston and works as a host on a muggle television show. Jonathon has a very close relationship with his mother (whether he likes it or not) and he also had a very close relationship with his late father. Jon also has a step father named Levi Prescott. At first he had problems with Levi, thinking the man was ruining the family he has grown used to. Although he is slowly getting used to Levi and becoming friends with him.
Jonathon has two half siblings. His half-brother Samuel Phillips, and his half sister, Marietta Allard. Jon and Samuel share the same father, but not the name mother and have always had a very close relationship despite their 4 year age gap. Jon heavily trusts and relies on Samuel, and when he faces problems immediately approaches Samuel for advice or help. Jon is not as close with his half-sister Marietta due to their age gap but he does love her and spends time with her whenever possible.
Knotted 13 Inch Rigid Pine Wand with Hippogriff Feather Core. Length: A strange length for a wand and a number which symbolizes misfortune. Style: The knots of this wand's original wood remain clearly visible - earthy, this style of wand is perhaps most traditional and closest to nature. Wood: Pine wands are often found in the hands of the 'loner', they do not protest creative and new uses of magic and this is perhaps why they seem to be the wands most successfully used with non-verbal magic. Core: Just like the animal from which it comes, hippogriff feathers being used as a wand core produce wands that are stable and versatile; however, they must be respected by the wand caster or risk having this wand turn against them. Flexibility: Rigid. A difficult wand to control and sometimes broken under little force, but powerful in a fight.
Home schooled (1st to 3rd): Jonathon was home schooled for the first three years of his magical education. He very much enjoyed homeschooling, as the comfortable environment provided him the opportunity learn with ease and because of this he ended up being very bright. Beauxbatons (4th to 7th): After his father's death, Jon moved to France with his mother and began his schooling at Beauxbatons. Much like his home schooling, Jonathon was very bright and in his 4th year achieved very good grades although his lack of social skills quickly became obvious and his grades began to worsen. As he grew into his 7th year he was too focused on having fun with his best friends, pulling pranks and getting sent to detention to get good grades. He managed to graduate with mostly average marks however did very well in muggle studies as most of the stuff he learned was more like second nature.
Jon is currently the Muggle studies professor for years 5, 6 and 7 at Hogwarts New Zealand and the Ravenclaw head of house. When Jon first graduated, he had no career in mind and preferred to just roll with the punches and deal with life one day at a time. Now that he has had the opportunity to begin teaching others and expanding his own knowledge on a subject he loved during school he has realized how much he loves being a professor, expanding the minds of students and attempting to reduce stigma and discrimination surrounding muggle and muggle born students in the wizarding world. He can't imagine himself in any other career path and intends to keep teaching for as long as possible, and is proud and happy for the opportunity to be a head of house for Ravenclaw.
Jon has a newfoundland dog named Bongo. He never imagined himself being a dog owner when he moved from France to New Zealand, but since becoming a dog owner and assuming all the responsibilities entailed with it he could not imagine life without Bongo. Jon takes Bongo out walking daily and does everything he can to ensure the dog lives a long and happy life.
Half-blood. Jon's father is pureblood and his mother is muggle meaning his blood is half muggle and half pureblood. Jon's opinion on blood status is that it is descriptive of a person's heritage and nothing more. He believes that someone's blood or rather the magic in someone's blood is not something that should be used to create prejudice, and he does not understand how a person can think that blood status can make someone superior or inferior to others.

i can't take it. tonight i'll lie awake feeling empty. i can feel the pressure
it's getting closer now, we're better off without you. i can feel the pressure

Jon can be considered slightly taller than average. His height as well as most of his other features are something he doesn't often pay mind to because appearances aren't something he cares about. It took him a while to reach his current height as he used to be rather short and petite for his age, only having a few major growth spurts during his final two years of school.
Jonathon is a healthy weight for his height and has always been within a healthy weight range. Although Jon's level of fitness has changed significantly throughout the years. As a teenager Jon was not toned at all and this only worsened as he became an adult where he did not make healthy choices with food or exercise enough. Now he is more toned and healthy as he has realized the importance of health in general, he gets regular exercise from walking his dog and he tries to regularly make healthy food choices.
Jonathon usually doesn't care for fashion. When he's around the house he dresses purely for comfort and because of this, his everyday clothing usually consists of pajamas or sweats and cartoon print t-shirts paired with a hoodie and beanie if it is cold. He does own a decent amount of what he considers 'formal clothing' which he only tends to wear while teaching or in any situation he needs to look presentable. These outfits usually consist of suits, ties and dress shoes though for more casual situations he will replace the suit with jeans and a different blazer. Because of his overall carelessness towards fashion and the anxiety he feels when shopping he has reached the point of going nearly everywhere that isn't his work, while wearing sweats unless somebody convinces him to dress otherwise or he is trying to impress. Overall fashion and making an effort in his appearance outside of work is not something Jon does, and actively detests because it scares him and he otherwise does not see the point in it since he believes comfort is more important than looking good, and shopping and being fashion forward is far out of his comfort zone.
Jon has pale skin generally, which is more pale in winter and more tan in summer. Jon's carelessness towards fashion also translates to carelessness with his general appearance and he does nothing to accommodate his normal/combination skin type. He again doesn't care about his skin and taking care of it at all unless someone else mentions it.
Again, like his mother and father, Jon's hair his naturally very dark. It is a shade of very dark brown although many people mistake it to be black. Jonathon's hair is not dyed, though he did once add blue dye in his hair because an old friend put him up to it. The dye has obviously faded and is non-existent now and Jon never plans to dye his hair again because he likes his hair colour the way it is naturally.
Jon's everyday hair style varies depending on if he is working. When he is not working he often keeps his fringe in his face, and doesn't style it at all, leaving his hair the way is was when he woke up that morning and not putting in any effort unless his hair becomes too unruly and unmanageable. When he is working, he does comb his hair up and away from his face so he is more presentable and professional looking and he tries to keep his hair neat during the day.
Because of his heritage, Jon's hair is naturally very thick, and sometimes it can become unmanageable. His hair is shorter on the sides and back than it is in the front because he is most comfortable keeping his hair in his eyes so he doesn't have to look directly at anybody when he is not at work. Out of habit he keeps his hair at reasonably the same length because it is easiest to manage when it is short. He will probably never grow his hair longer and he never wants to grow his hair in any particular way.
Jonathon tends to grow facial hair very quickly and his facial hair style varies depending on his mood. He usually keeps a certain amount of stubble on his face out of laziness to shave his face completely, but when he has a special event that requires him to appear neater or if he is feeling up to the task of shaving he will shave his face completely. He however has not grown a beard and does not think that look would suit him so for the most part he just puts in effort to trim the hair on his face to stubble length and does not let it grow out further.
His eyes are a shade of hazel/brown like his mother. His eyes have not changed colour throughout his life and tend to always look the same regardless of lighting differences.
Jon has no piercings, and he never intends to get a piercing. He doesn't like the appearance of piercings and thinks a piercing would not suit him, but for the most part he remains indifferent about piercings and he doesn't really pay attention to them.
Jon has one tattoo, which is a small batman symbol on his ankle. He got the tattoo on a drunken whim while out with his friends when he was 19 and though he made the decision while drunk he does not regret it. He is glad the tattoo is placed somewhere that is not obvious and that the design is simple and has a significant meaning to him. Jon does not have any other tattoos and does not currently intend to get more tattoos, but he is open to the idea if he can think of a design and meaning that is important to him.
Jon has a small birthmark on his left knee, and prominent smile lines around his eyes and mouth.
Jon believes appearance is only skin deep and he does not judge people at all based on the way they look. He understands that a person may express themselves with their appearances but he usually still looks past appearances, preferring to focus on a person's personality as he is speaking to them. He in turn expects to be treated the same and have people that speak to him focus on his personality and his words rather than his awkward mannerisms and usually lax way of dressing. Jon's opinion on his own appearance is much the same as his general opinion on appearances, he does not think it is important to dress up for anything other than being professional and he chooses to dress for the sake of feeling comfortable rather than to look presentable.

now that i'm losing hope and there's nothing else to show for all of the
days that we spent carried away from home. some things i'll never know

While Jon previously identified as heterosexual as he did not know better, he has recently realized he instead identifies as pansexual. Meaning he can be romantically and sexually attracted to people within his 'type' of person regardless of their gender. He does not judge people of other orientations, and attempts to keep an open mind and this is mostly the reason he was so open to identifying as pansexual and reaching such a realization.
Jon's turn ons and things he finds attractive in people shows a very loose pattern. There are no specific appearance traits he finds attractive since what he is most attracted to are personality traits he finds familiar. This is because Jon craves familiarity and comfort in every shape and form he finds himself attracted to people who are similar in a way to other people he knows or has previously known and people who make him feel comfortable and happy. Apart from that, the range of what he is attracted to varies greatly and shows no similarities.
Jonathon is currently single and is unsure about starting a new relationship. Until recently he had been seeing a girl named Bonnie Fergusson, although their relationship was never made official as she was living in New Zealand temporarily. She has since moved away and their relationship therefore ended which has left him heartbroken thus the reason he is unsure about being in a new relationship.
Jonathon's first kiss happened with his old friend Rosalie when he was 17. He had invited her over to play video games, but it turned into something more. He remembers being nervous and not really knowing what to do but even then he considers his first kiss to be a happy memory.
Jon lost his virginity at the age of 17 on the same day he had his first kiss. It wasn't a planned thing, it just sort of evolved from kissing and happened without expectation. At first he regretted it immediately because he was worried it would ruin his friendship with Rose, but now he is rather fond of the memory despite what as happened since, because it was shared with somebody familiar that he trusted at the time.
Jon's primary interests are anything to do with video games, anime, and other cartoons. He also developed a secondary interest in film, both film making and analyzing films since teaching Muggle Studies. He has also developed an interest in social sciences from teaching students about muggles and attempting to widen the understanding that muggles are not a threat to the wizarding world. As a hobby Jon also plays and collects video games, both vintage and more modern games and he happily spends most of his spare time playing the video games he collects. He has a particular fondness of the more vintage video games because many of them are considered to be classics and he finds the stories/gameplay more original and interesting.
Jon has a minor fear of being embarrassed in a social situation which stems from the lack of social skills he had as a child and teenager. While this fear is significantly less of a fear for him now, he still often worries about embarrassing himself and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time because he is still very much of a foot in mouth person.
Jon's boggart would the rabbit from the trix cereal box. This fear also stems from his childhood because the rabbit stealing the cereal on the commercials always caused him to worry that his own cereal and the other foods he enjoyed eating would be stolen from him. He used to have intense and recurring nightmares of the red eyed, evil rabbit stealing his belongings in addition to his food and laughing at him manically when he wasn't looking. Now that he is an adult he has somewhat gotten over this fear but he still intentionally avoids buying trix cereal or any other foods with rabbits on the packaging because the fear affected him so much when he was younger.
A silver fox. Jon shares both appearance traits and personality traits with the silver fox. They both have dark colours of fur/hair and prefer to live in solitude rather than in groups. He is a bit of a loner, and likes to keep to himself. He would relate to foxes and specifically a silver fox for this reason.
Jon's worst memory is definitely the memory he has of receiving news of his father's death. In that moment he was in denial, confused and worried for the future all at the same time because he had been sheltered for his entire childhood. He felt no sense of stability despite still having his mother and half-brother around and did not know how he would live from that point on wards. He is still often worried about the safety of his family members and easily gets paranoid if he does not hear from them frequently and this paranoia is directly caused by his father's passing when Jon was at such a young age.
When looking into the mirror of erised, Jon would see himself as successful in his career. He would be without nerves and have a complete air of confidence about him. His family would be around him, also happy and fulfilled in their lives and he would have a partner with a few children running around akin to his own small justice league. Jon doesn't want to admit that he would like to eventually get married and have children because has yet to have an official girlfriend, despite seeing a few women during his life and he does not think he will ever officially date someone, but a wife and a family of his own is something he does want and would see in the mirror.
Having grown up in both New Zealand and France, Jonathon speaks English and French. English is his first language so he can speak it fluently and read and write in English without any difficulty. His French is slightly different however, and less practiced because he only learned enough of the language to be able to get by while he was in school. When he lived in France he would often let his half-brother and his mother speak on his behalf so he often did not need to speak French for himself. Since moving to New Zealand and not needing to speak French as often he has forgotten some of the language.
Jon's accent is a mix of a New Zealand and French accent though it is more New Zealand sounding since he has returned to New Zealand.
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i had to let them go i'm sitting all alone feeling empty, i can feel the pressure
it's getting closer now we're better off without you, i can feel the pressure

INFP-T "The Mediator": "Mediator personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, Mediators have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the Mediator personality type but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration. Being a part of the Diplomat Role group, Mediators are guided by their principles, rather than by logic, excitement, or practicality. When deciding how to move forward, they will look to honor, beauty, morality and virtue. Mediators are led by the purity of their intent, not rewards and punishments. People who share the Mediator personality type are proud of this quality, and rightly so, but not everyone understands the drive behind these feelings, and it can lead to isolation." (Personality type information from
Jon becomes uncomfortable and unsure often in social situations and has always faced problems with socializing. Many of these issues stem from him being homeschooled and sheltered as a child to suddenly being made to attend school in a new country, learn a new language and socialize with students all while facing grief over his father's passing. He is definitely an introvert at heart, preferring to keep a few close friends rather than many acquaintances and he needs to recharge after socializing with others. Since growing up and becoming more confident in himself and finding his place in the world via being a professor, Jon has become less anxious and nervous in social situations than he once was and is far more comfortable with public speaking and socializing with coworkers. He has learned the ability to shut away his nerves for the sake of his job and be his professional and kind self without letting his worries affect him. Slowly but surely Jon is also attempting to shut away his nerves when he socializes outside of his work and has made a few more close friends and acquaintances. Though he has come a long way from being the shut in he was as a teenager, he has further to go and when he is not in his professor persona he still tends to revert his very introverted, shy self who would rather stay home than go out with his friends and to parties.
Jon has faced family difficulties with the death of his father at a young age, and the recent addition of his step father to the family as well as a new half-sister, however despite this Jon is very close with his family. Whether he admits it or not he takes after his mother in this sense, and is a family oriented person who does everything he can to stay close with his family and spend important holidays and birthdays with them. He relies on his family in times of need and is wholeheartedly supported by them in the same way they can rely on him for support, and is free to be his genuine self around them without fear of judgement. Even in the moments that are difficult for him he does eventually realize that family are one of the only true constants in the world and returns to supporting them through thick and thin. When he is older he wants to have a big family of his own and hopes that he will be able to raise the number of children he has to be close and excited to spend time with each other and to take part in family events.
Jon is afraid of change, craves familiarity and stability, is faced with an insecurity of standing out too much in social situations, has an unfortunate habit of overthinking every small detail surrounding his interactions with others, and has an overriding identity crisis. His fear of change, and need to find familiarity and stability all originate in his experiences as a child and turning to the comfort of home and what he knows in times of despair and need. Even as an adult Jon reverts to spending time with his family, watching movies, playing video games and other things he finds familiar to feel normal when something shakes his sense of stability from under him. In addition to this Jon experiences deep-seated insecurities that he is not 'normal' and stands out negatively in a crowd. While Jon compliments and celebrates the uniqueness of others and appreciates that every person is different, he feels the complete opposite towards his own uniqueness, feeling uncomfortable and worrying what others think of him, therefore overthinking every interaction he has with other people to the point of feeling anxiety, rather than celebrating everything that makes him special. This can cause him to further revert to being antisocial and shy around new people, hindering him from making close friends without difficulty and forcing him to deny new opportunities that are given to him. What contributes to these insecurities is negative past experiences where he has been taken advantage of and his problems being minimized that have ruined his sense of self-esteem and individuality. These experiences also worsened his general issues facing socialization and are partially also caused by the issues when he began attending Beauxbatons, and lastly the lack of identity he believes he has. The lack of identity is caused by a general question of his father's life and everything surrounding the paternal side of his family. The recent discovery of his extended family only worsened this lack of identity, causing him to further question himself in every way while feeling unstable and unworthy for not learning this information earlier and as if he isn't a real person as he still does not know much about his genuine heritage.
Despite his insecurities, Jon tries to seem calm and kind when interacting with others, attempting to be his genuine self and working hard to create a positive impression. While he is at work he smiles often when speaking to co-workers and students, listening closely to everything they say, nodding often to show that he is listening, and standing with upright posture to seem more confident than he feels. He is aware his attempts to seem confident or 'normal' can seem more awkward than anything else, to the point where his body language isn't endearing, so he often tries to cover this up by making puns and dad jokes. Though regardless of how awkward he can seem he is kind and accepting of everyone other than himself, and tries to let this aspect of his personality shine so his less endearing qualities or his 'bad' traits by his own definition are less obvious. Jon tries to be outwardly helpful in all aspects of his life and especially within his career, doing all he can to exceed what is expected of him for the sake of others.

i can feel the pressure it's getting closer now, we're better off without you
feel the pressure it's getting closer now. you're better off without me

NAME: Angelo Parrino.
BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood.

NAME: Cerise Allard.

NAME: Levi Prescott.
BLOOD STATUS: Mixed-Blood.

NAME: Samuel Phillips.
BLOOD STATUS: Mixed-Blood.

NAME: Marietta Allard.
RELATIONSHIP: Half-sister.
BLOOD STATUS: Mixed-Blood.

NAME: Eduardo Orbon.

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