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Selene Le Fey

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27 (31/12/2035)
It was late spring, or was it early summer? the days were long and warm. And Selne was starting to feel like herself again. not fully herself, not all the time but she was certainly starting to feel that spark when she woke up rather than like there was a black hole in her belly. Today was a good day. She was feeling like herself, and she had to run a few errands for her grandma. and as she was in brightstone, she had stopped in a cafe, bought a chai tea and made her way to the park armed with a book, her tea and a few snacks. it was a beautiful day and ever since she had had a dream about park picnics she had wanted to stop by the park for one, and today was perfect for it.
she spread her blanket on the floor under the shade of a large tree and lay down opening her book looking forward to the next twist in the plot and wondering if she had guessed it right. she turned the page and picked up a watermelon quickly reaching for a napkin as it drizzled down her chin. she looked up as she heard footsteps not that fr away. and saw someone walking nearby. Someone, she realised, that seemed very familiar to her, so familiar it made her wonder how much of this picnic had been her own Idea"Good afternoon"' she said slipping the bookmark into her book.
Jordie felt restless. He was a bit lost without the school to keep him busy and without his love around to keep him company. He knew that Ares had technically broken up with him during seventh year, but that hadn't helped him to get over his feelings for the ex-Slytherin. Jordie had taken to jogging twice a day, though, trying to keep himself busy.

That didn't explain why he'd gone out today, though. He'd been at home, but he'd just had this feeling the past few days that he should go to the park, and the feeling had come back even stronger today. He sighed and gave up on ignoring it, and went for a walk, hands in his pockets. He blinked when he heard someone speak to him, so he stopped and turned. He smiled softly. "Oh, hello." He greeted, considering a moment. "What are you doing here, Selene?" He asked, turning to face her.
it was weird. when Selene saw jordie she recognised him as the person from her dream however there to a face and now seeing Jordie she knew who it was. But somehow hadn't been able to attach the two before now. It was interesting and something she would have to look into.
hey Jordie. I was just reading and having a picnic enjoying the nice weather. she said. it’s been a while. Do you want to join? I have watermelon?” she said shuffling over to make space on the blanket.
Jordie smiled and sat down beside her, folding his legs. "Sure! I love watermelon. Have any salt?" He asked, ignoring for now the fact that he had some in his back pocket. He'd grabbed it on impulse on his way out of the house, not really sure why but for some reason thinking that he needed it. He smiled easily at her. "What are you reading?"
Selene wa glad of some company. it wasnt that she was always alone. but there was a difference between being with her grandmother, or working in the shop compared to being with someone a similar age to her. she was a little confused with Jordie's odd request. "Salt? on watermellon?" she asked. not sure what or why that was a thing.
she picked up a bit of the fruit and took a bite into it trying to imagaine what it would taste like with salt, enhancing and complimenting the flavour. it was then that Gordie asked her what she was reading. she she turned the book around showing as few sticky finger as possible to show him the title. "the ten thousand doors of january" she said. "It’s about a girl who has been fostered by a collector. and there was another story inside it of a girl who could walk through doors and between worlds.” She said.
Jordie laughed. "Yeah! It's great, really brings out the flavor, you should try it," He pulled the salt for his pocket. "For some reason I felt like I should have some on me," He laughed lightly, before leaning in to look at her book. "Oooh, that sounds interesting. Are you liking it so far?" He asked, looking up to her with an easy smile. He'd always liked hanging out with Selene- she was so easy to get on with, and she had a smile that was contagious.
Selene thought for a second. It seemed like a weird combination. But she had heard of worse. Back when she was at uni people had liked hot chips with soft serve ice cream. Which she admitted was pretty good. She took the salt that Jordie offered her and added it to her next slice of watermelon. its interesting she said not quite sure if it was a good interesting or not.
She added salt to her next bit of melon and nodded as Jordie said that he book sounded interesting it is. I am liking the second story inside the story about about June Ian from a world where words have power she said.

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