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11 (8/29/2050)
Sunday had decided to settle in a window seat on the fourth floor. The library, the student lounge, and a majority of the hufflepuffs would be on this floor. It was a perfect spot for people watching. She lounged in the window, a few pillows propped up behind her. She was wearing a paire of flared crop denims, soft brown ballet flats, and a white eyelet lace tee paired with a light brown, soft leather vest. She'd gone meticulously through her nail polishes before deciding on a pale yellow that glittered, and was currently working on her nails as she observed those passing by. It was a beautiful day, and she knew that sitting where she was would have the sunlight bouncing off of her blond locks and making her even more gorgeous than she already was. She painted her nails carefully as she watched the students milling about in the halls, keeping her eye open for anything interesting.
Ambrose was slowly starting to find his way around the castle. Luckily, his sense of direction wasn't all that bad and had been a huge help. The moving stairs.. not so much. Although they had helped him stumble upon some spots he otherwise might not have found. Today, they had dropped him off at the fourth floor and since he was there now it only seemed fair to check out what the floor what to offer. He knew the library and the Hufflepuff common room were around here somewhere, he just needed to make sure where they were. As he moved through the hallway an older student walked who was very much engaged in conversation walked straight into him. He had noticed it too late to be able to dodge them and he threw his hands up in surrender when they barked at him about watching where he was going. Confrontation was not something he enjoyed and in this instant he'd much rather apologize and walk away without too much fuzz. He didn't mind. "Yep, no, sorry. Totally my fault." He nodded, faking his agreement before quickly moving out of the student's way.
Sunday watched the boy from her year- Ambrose, she thought, as an older student ran into him. She quirked a brow, fingers curled on her left hand to let the fresh polish dry. "I'm not sure what's worse- being chicken enough to let him just run into you or him being stupid enough to think that apology was actually sincere." She commented, looking the boy over. She supposed he was cute... in a soft, nerdy sort of way.
Ambrose watched as the older student walked off but was distracted when someone close to him spoke up. He turned around to see one of the girls with very specific names painting her nails in a window seat. Was it Saturday? Or Sunday? Did they have siblings with similar names as well? It didn't matter, he was pretty sure this was Sunday. "I mean I can hardly stop someone from walking into me if I don't notice it's going to happen on time." He shrugged. "But if I get a vote I'd say the latter?" Ambrose added casually.
Sunday laughed. "Sure, but you didn't argue with him either." She countered, studying the boy. "Though I suppose avoiding unnecessary violence is a good option, too." She decided on. She turned her eyes back to her perfectly painted nails, studying them while she tried to decide if she wanted a second coat. "He looked older. You think he'd be smart enough to know sarcasm when he heard it."
Ambrose shrugged again at what Sunday said next. He had felt very little necessity to argue with the boy, nor did he to do so with her. "I'd pick that over starting an argument any day." He responded calmly, wondering why she was so interested in the situation in the first place. "Maybe he just decided it wasn't worth it either." Ambrose offered. "Or yeah, maybe he wasn't the brightest light. We might never know."
Sunday chuckled. "I'd bet he's just dumb," She agreed, leaning back and motioning for him to sit with her. "But lets just forget him, then. He's not worth the time." She went back to examining her nails. "What are you doing down here, anyway?" She questioned, curious. She was pretty sure the Ravenclaw dorms were in one of the towers or something like that.
Ambrose often didn't fuss too much about simple things so when Sunday, by now he was confident that he had gotten the right name in mind, motioned for him to sit with her he easily did so. "Stairs dropped me off here." He replied completely unbothered. Almost as if it was the most normal thing in the world to just go wherever the stairs made him go. "Thought I'd explore a bit." Ambrose added with a smile. "You're.. painting your nails?" He questioned, eyeing the nailpolish. "Is that fun?"
Sunday considered his answer, and nodded at his question. "I am, and it is." She looked up to him. "I could paint yours." She offered, giving him an easy smile. "I have a shade that would bring out the color of your eyes." She reached into her bag and pulled out the shade, wiggling it like she might entice him with the movement of the bottle.
Ambrose couldn't recall ever seeing his mom paint her nails except for some sort of very special occassion so in his mind it had always felt like something people didn't just do from day to day. Which was, of course, far from the truth. He though about Sunday's offer for a second while she pulled out the bottle, knowing he'd be lying if he didn't think the colourful nails looked fun. "Yeah, sure, go ahead." Ambrose shrugged eventually. "Do you need me to, like, hold out my hand or..?"
Sunday smiled and shifted in her seat. "Yeah, give me your hand," She told him, holding out her own after she opened up the nail polish. "Try not to move while I put it on, got it? And then it'll need time to dry after. We may need more than one coat..." She looked down at his hands. "Remind me what your name is," She told him, blatant in her uncertainty. "I'm such a silly goose, I can't seem to remember it. You are in Ravenclaw, aren't you?"
Ambrose nodded and held out his right hand so she could get started on painting his nails. "Yes ma'am." He grinned when she told him not to move, although he was sure he shouldn't have too much of an issue with that. He could sit still. Even if it might take longer than he would've initially thought it would now that Sunday started mentioning time to try and putting on another coat. Oh well, it wasn't like he had been doing anything productive anyways. "It's Ambrose." He answered completely unbothered by the fact that she didn't know. "And yeah, I am."
Sunday took his hand and bent down a bit, focusing on her task as she carefully applied the nail polish. "Talk," She instructed. "Tell me about yourself. Expect minimal responses." She warned, not wanting silence but knowing she'd struggle to get the perfect coat on him if she tried to think too hard on what she wanted to say.
Ambrose watched as Sunday started applying the nail polish, using his other hand to give a mock salute when she instructed him to talk. "Right. Yeah. Sure. Uhhh, Ambrose, Ravenclaw, like I said. Mom's a muggle, dad's a wizard. They're chaotic, loud. I'm an only child. Less chaotic, I think." He started throwing out facts about himself, trying very hard not to accidentally move the hand she was working on and eventually getting a little distracted by watching her apply the nail polish.
Sunday was focused on her work, making sure his nails looked perfect as she did them. "Hmm, six siblings," She murmured, "Monday is the oldest. I'm youngest." She told him. "Saturdays my twin. Lots of twins." She got out her wand as she finished the last nail and cast the first drying spell on his nails, smiling at how good they looked. "What do you think?" She asked, looking up at him.

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