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Nov 12, 2048
Osiris Vale only had one more year until he too was going to Hogwarts. He showed signs of magic a couple of years ago when it went ramped and set a pair of curtains on fire. This was actually very fitting for him. Osiris absolutely loved fire and everything that went boom. It was a miracle that he was still around until all the flammable items and lighters were removed from his grabby little hands. Even now, at the park, he was scrubbing two sticks together to try to make a small fire. Every time he thought that he saw some smoke coming up, it quickly went away. Were the sticks dry enough? Osiris tossed the sticks behind him, unknown if he hit someone or not. He didn't care. He grabbed two more sticks he had in a pile and started to rub away. He could make fire. He had to! He wasn't allowed a wand until next year, but he was not sure if he could wait that long is the problem.
Summer couldn't wait until it was finally her turn to go to Hogwarts next year. She liked her siblings and all, but she especially looked forward to having the school all to herself for the first two years she'd be there. By the time Harrison would be old enough to join her she was sure she'd already have made sooo many friends. Obviously, people would just have to adore her. How could they not? Summer had left her siblings at the playground and decided to take a stroll around the park, subtly glancing around to see if she could spot any kids closer to her age. Hanging out with her siblings was fine, but she would love to have already made some friends before going to Hogwarts. Although the daycare helped with that as well, even if she thought she was a little too old for that by now. "Hi!" Summer perkily greeted a boy she had walked up to. "What are you doing? Do you need help? I'm like super good at helping out."
Osiris continued to rub sticks like it was no one's business, but the sheer thought of someone coming up to him made him flinch. Especially by a perky girl. His eyes peered up as she asked what he was doing, and then an idea came to his head. He gestured toward his pile of sticks. "Actually, I do. Could you put your hand inside of the pile?" If he could get the sticks to light up, then she would seriously learn her lesson on trusting another stranger. Sure, he was used to picking on Astraea and her doing the same to him, often coming up with rather violent pranks. "Your hand might do nicely as fuel," Osiris added. Osiris did not know if flesh would do as fuel or if it would burn at all. But it was always nice to learn something new, even at the expense of other people. Osiris just waited to see if she would actually catch on, or do just as he asked.
Summer stood up a little straighter when the boy said she could help, her grin quickly turning into a frown when he mentioned sticking her hand into the pile of sticks in front of him. She wasn't sure what he had been doing but it didn't look like putting her hand in there would be anything fun. Especially not when he mentioned something about fuel. "Ew, no!" She scrunched up her nose, taking a small step away from the boy. "What do you mean fuel? Are you, like, trying to make a fire?" Summer asked, a little repulsed by the idea of him asking her to stick her hand in if he actually was.
Osiris could not help but snicker when she scrunched up her nose. She was certainly one of those types of girls, but she definitely was not dumb since she figured it out. He laughed even harder as she asked if he was trying to make a fire. "Yep! Parents took away anything that can make flames, so I am trying to figure out how to do it the old fashioned way." Osiris shrugged his shoulders and started rubbing the sticks together again. The tiniest bit of smoke started, but then wavered off once more. This was super hard! How did the cavemen do it? "Glad you aren't dumb enough to follow just anyone's word."
Summer was seriously starting to doubt whether this boy was someone she needed to be friendly to. He seemed.. weird. And she didn't need other kids thinking she hung out with someone like him. She quickly glanced around to see if anyone their age was around before focussing her attention back on the boy in front of him. "Ofcourse I'm not dumb." She retorted quickly. "Why are you so set on making fire anyways? Aren't there, like, way more fun things you could be doing?" Summer question, her mind slowly deciding whether she was ready to leave this conversation.
Osiris scoffed when she said that she was not dumb. He dropped the sticks and decided that he was not going to succeed without some sort of fuel to keep the smoke going. He hopped onto his feet and put his hands on his black jeans. "Pretty defensive there. Hope I didn't strike a sensitive spot." Osiris smiled, but if his siblings saw him, or family, they would know instantly that it was fake. This girl was the type that he did not understand, and did not want to. What would his family say if they saw him with such a sunshine girl? Why, they would ridicule him for days! "Fire is the best thing. It can cook things, heat things, and turn things into ash. What sort of things would you rather be doing?" Osiris asked, wondering if it would be a cliched answer or not.
Summer shot the boy a sarcastic smile when he mentioned her being defensive. So far, she didn't particularly like this boy. No, she just didn't like him. Full stop. He was strange and seemed a little mean. If only in a passive manner. "Fun things." Summer replied matter-of-factly. "Like I said. None of the things you're mentioning sound like they would be." She added, crossing her arms. "Is that what you do at home for fun as well? Try to set the house on fire?"
Osiris was waiting for her answer, but she didn't really elaborate on what she considered fun at all. "And what would that be? Playing dolls, maybe? I loved doing that myself." Osiris shrugged his shoulders, and then added with a twisted smile, "Especially when I cut their heads off." Osiris would let that up for imagination on whether or not he was telling the truth. He did have some fun with mock voodoo dolls. He found out that they didn't work when he poked one that should have been his older sister, but her arm didn't bleed. "Nah, parents removed anything like that. So, I read a lot."
Summer had been trying to stick out the conversation a little longer, just to see what the boy was like, but what he said next was reason enough for her to be completely over it. He wasn't someone she needed as a friend. Not even someone she needed to like her. Pretty much the opposite of that really. The only good thing would be not to be seen with him. "Ew, you're so weird." She shook her head with a disgusted look on her face at the smile he gave her when mentioning cutting off doll heads. What a psycho. "I can imagine why." Summer added, tossing her hair over her shoulder. "Right, well, I see my brother waving so.. bye." She dismissed the conversation, already turning on her heels when she hadn't even fully finished her sentence yet.
Osiris laughed as she said that he was so weird. Yes, such a good compliment for someone like him! He and his family were an odd bunch, but they were close. "See ya at school!" Oz called out and went back to trying to start a fire. So far, he only managed to get a bit of smoke, but it never panned out. Boy, he could not wait to learn Incendio!

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