Levent Anatolius Matthias

Levent Matthias

The Basics
Character's Name: Levent Anatolius Matthias
Character's Birthdate: August 27th, 2011
Hometown: Derbent, Republic of Dagestan, Russia
Blood Type: O Negative
Wand: Coming soon
Educated At: Salem
Occupation: Quidditch League Headquarters Official
Hair: Curly light brown hair
Eyes: Amber
Height: About 6'2"
Style: Casual, wears long sleeves at all time
Other Distinguishing Features: Skinny but calloused as well
A Little Deeper
Personality: To come
Special Talents/Abilities: To come
History: To come
Mother: Uliana Toralba
Father: Metrophanes Matthias
Brothers: Valerius Matthias, Zion Matthias, Terence Matthias, Tylien Matthias, Tristane Matthias, Sethos Matthias, Rephael Matthias, Severin Matthias, Troxa Matthias, Nikandros Matthias, Blaine Matthias
Sisters: Nadine Toralba, Nina Toralba

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