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I'm back at school now which should be a little more relaxed now that OWLs are out of the way and I won't be taking as many classes, should give me more time to focus on Quidditch as that'll be my main priority once I graduate anyway. It was good to see you over break, it does suck not being able to see you everyday like in our first few years but given how glowing your reviews are of your new school I don't think I can blame you for the move.

Ravenclaw is going to kick ass this year, that I can promise you, assuming our seeker is up to snuff which is never guaranteed in a house dominated by bookish types, but I'm still gonna do everything I can to make sure the team is good.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Speak for yourself, the OWLs are on me! I really don't want to do anything lately, but alas, I gotta pass because my mom and dad want me to make a good living for myself, and apparently Quidditch might be a little harder than needed to get into? I don't know what they are talking about. Maybe they want a back up option. It was great to see you too! Mom raves about your family. Ilvermorny is amazing, and I actually get to spend time with mom and dad!

It better kick some butt! I miss the Ravenclaw colors honestly. Who is the seeker now? Is she someone that was in my year? Hey, we might be bookish but we are very intelligent and full of strategy!

Let me know how the games are! Who is playing first?

~ Larissa B

Well that sucks to be you but I’ll have NEWTs next year and you’ll be in the clear so you’ll get to gloat next year. Yeah professional Quidditch can be pretty hard to get into unless you know someone, pretty sure tryouts only happen if they have spots? I’m not sure, my mum knows a guy who used to play so I might ask him, its not like theres much else I’m good at. This is kinda my thing.

Oh we will don’t worry. Savannah Walters is the seeker now, I don’t know if you remember her but I think she would have been your year, pretty sure she is one of the new prefects this year at least I don’t remember her being one last year.

We have Slytherin first so Gryffindor are playing Hufflepuff in the first game of the year, should be an easy Gryffindor win so that’ll be boring. Hoping for a Ravenclaw win and maybe we’ll get play you in the international game.


P.S. You know you always looked better in blue and bronze.
Just going to do a time skip.

Oh yeah, those NEWTs are going to be crazy. Sorry it took so long for me to get back with you. OWLs have been just hell on earth. It was nice seeing you play Quidditch though! I was a little miffed about our seeker that just kept getting hit after she was taken out. I heard the Slytherin team was brutal years ago, has it switched to Ravenclaw?

Savannah Walters looked good while flying as a seeker. I remember her though we did not get along much at all. She seemed like she had a stick up her bum, you know? While I was trying to block bludgers and all, I didn't see, did you make any goals? I know our keeper is pretty decent.

I look good in Wampus colors too!

~ Larissa B

I've been there so I get it. It's hard to think about anything else with those exams looming.

Yeah the game got a bit brutal for your seeker, I don't think Aubrey was trying to keep hitting her but you know what bludgers are like. Honestly I wouldn't have considered us to be the brutal team but after that game? Who knows maybe I should revaluate.

She's a good seeker, that goes without saying as we won the house championship but I don't exactly have a lot of fond memories of hanging out with her in the common room you know? I assume she's fun with her actual friends, whoever they are, I just haven't seen her fun side. And yes, I scored a few goals, I was having a pretty good game until you guys ruined it by winning.

You look good in anything lets be real.


Luckily they are pretty much done though. Unless you are in Beauxbatons, then it is sixth year, but that is sort of irrelevant since neither of us go there. I would hate to learn French, honestly. I had a hard enough time learning Russian.

I am sure that Nabi will heal up just fine though. She is a tough one. Bludgers can be a little harsh. I wonder why they are even in Quidditch. Why not fill them with foam or something? That would be better, and less painful. I feel worse for the nurses that have to deal with the issues!

What sort of friends do you have over there? I don't remember anyone in a year above me except for you, honestly. But the Styx surname sort of stands out. You guys have the house championship and a trophy. We get bragging rights. Who really won this time around?

Now you are just trying to make me blush.

~ Larissa B

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