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Ivy Cullen

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11 (08/2050)
Ivy was feeling better when she had managed to deliver the two roses to the two huffleppuffs. before lunch, well during lunch but before she had eaten. which now set her total to three. she just had six left. she wa nearly half way there. the next person she thought she would try and track down was the head boy before she had to go back to classes. she had heard from his reputation that he had the reputation of working hard in his classes and extra curricula. so she thought it wouldn't be unwise to check and see if he was in the library. she entered the room and was, like always, always surprised as how the sound seemed to vanish inside, like the books absorbed the conversation to use on their pages. she wandered down a couple of aisles before she was glad to see her target. she hurried over to him. "Hello, Monday, I'm Ivy Cullen, and I have a rose for you" she said

@Monday Weeks
Time in the library, that was a common place for someone like Monday Weeks. He had a lot of studying to do after all. He had his books open, and someone approached him. She was just a first year, and definitely not in his house. He assumed he knew what she was here for, which he gave her a tired smile, "Oh, thank you. Can't imagine trying to find everyone for deliveries."

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