Linden Cullen

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Curly 12.5" Flexible Chestnut with Mermaid Scale Core
18 (05/2039)
Linden couldn't believe that there were only a few days left at school. Everything was done and finished, and there were just a few days left to tie up loose ends, pack things up and wait for exam grades. It was a weird feeling. he was going to miss school. It had been a home for him of sorts. he had learned a lot here, met a lot of people and grown so much. not just physically though he was fairly sure his first-year robes would look silly on him, but he had grown so much as a person. he took a break from his packing, trying to find and match his socks that had somehow managed to spread all accross the dorm (which he blamed Lapis for but had a feeling the cat was not the culprit) and wandered down the stairs stopping in the great hall for a steaming mug of coffee and a cheese toastie before moving out into the grounds. he had never had a favourite place in the school like cas in his art room or the hidden spot in the garden or willow in her willow tree, but there was something about the lakefront the water, the view of the castle that was almost iconic. he stood leaning against a tree and sighed looking out over the world. he realised that this was the same tree that he had come to at the start of the year, where his broken heart had first started to heal. maybe he didnt have a favorite place on purpose a spot that he inevetably gravitated towards when he was feeling thoughtful.

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