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Sylvie Duval

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Sylvie in all her deliberation had decided New Zealand was on the edge of the world for a reason. It's geography a result of it's lack of distinction in civilization, and lack of anything that made it remotely worth visiting, let alone living in. The curated landscape images in remote regions of the country which foreigners considered 'beautiful' was hardly enough to account for its evident lack of quality in everything else; a thought Sylvie could not help but be reminded of while sat at an outdoor cafe in Obsidian harbor with a coffee and half-read book discarded on the cable in front of her. As fresh as the air felt, she couldn't help but roll her eyes at the distant sound of seagull cries while wishing she was literally anywhere else, namely the streets of Paris which despite their smell were endlessly more appealing to her. The coffee at least would be enough of an improvement, she couldn't help but muse as she sipped from her lackluster cappuccino, fighting the urge to cringe as she returned the cup to its paired saucer.

She knew she had no where better to be, couldn't return to the home and city she knew and preferred from the circumstances and reputation she had created for herself. It was the same reputation and consequences that had caused her to find herself in such a desolate country as New Zealand with no other place to go or choice to make to begin with, yet she longed for a better place to be on a sunny afternoon. Leaning forward, Sylvie propped up her head with her hand, sighing and tapping her fingers in impatience on the table as she glanced out to the water, eyes moving from the waves lapping on the surface to the various magical folk strolling down the cobblestone street. She couldn't help but find watching others was some sense of entertainment among the boredom that currently consumed her, that people regardless of the country they found themselves in, were always a fun variable to observe. It was a small reprieve from the corner Sylvie had lead herself to, but a reprieve nonetheless, and one she wanted to lose herself in even if for only a moment.

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