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Amauri Kendall-Wu

sweet tooth 🍓 anti-conflict; perfectionist
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Amauri hadn't brought much with her to Hogwarts, but she had brought her crochet needles and a handful of yarn. After getting out her supplies, she figured she had a little time as classes had yet to start. What she didn't expect though, was for some fluffy creature to grab her crochet hook the moment she'd put it on the side. Now the first year was running down the second floor after the orange cat, determined not to lose it and ultimately lose her tool. She hadn't really checked, but she was pretty sure she wouldn't have been able to get a new one at Brightstone, and even if she could, it would be a while.
Alexandra had settled in at school and loved being here. Alexandra slowly walked forward. She was happy that she was the same room with her sister and she a littled missed her home England. There was lot of people in the second floor but she don't mind that there was people. She was a little to much grown hair and mayby needed a little cut.
Amauri continued to run down the corridor, arms outstretched as she tried to keep track of the animal running off with her hook. There were enough people in the corridor too that sometimes, they'd get in her way. Amauri almost body slammed into another girl walking the other way, and she glanced up at her with shock on her face, "Grab that cat!" she exclaimed, pointing to the tabby that was quickly darting out of their grasp.

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