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Ioan wished that they didn't have to wear these stupid hooded cloaks. The hood was so heavy and rested so low on his head that he felt the smoke from his potion wafting up into his face and creating an almost suffocating feeling. It was making him slightly lightheaded, but he was too deep in, his wand moving as he murmured an incantation over the potion he was working on. It was almost done anyway, and then he'd take a sip of the ice cold drink resting just out of reach at the moment. He glanced, watching the icy condensation droplet flow down just as his potion began bubbling and frothing and then turned a vivid blue.

"Excellent" he murmured quietly, putting his wand down as the bubbling and frothing continued. This potion would make him a good amount of money in the right hands.
Chaos Zhefarovich was glad that Alana gave up the shop and was pursuing journalism. Ever since he got a chicken from the ceiling - which turned into a delicious dinner by the way - Chaos was not a fan. But he was rather stubborn. After the birth of what he hoped would be the very last child of theirs, he had some hours to himself. Unfortunately, Chaos didn't hide his face or even wear cloaks anymore. That was why he was a little surprised to run into dear old father-in-law, brewing a potion. Since he did not have a wand anymore, Chaos relied only on potions for everything. It was likely how he became a pretty good cook over the years. Alana never had to slave over the stove while he was around. Plus, it cured his boredom. He decided to approach because potions were just his thing. "Mind explaining what that potion will do, Ioan?" Chaos used to call him Mister Finch when he was younger, but now? Nah. First name basis. No matter what Ioan thought.
The man glanced at his son-in-law and frowned. Children these days had no respect for tradition, he thought to himself before grimacing. He sounded like his dear ol' dad. That was not something he ever thought would happen. "That would be too easy. Chaos, what can you tell me about the potion?" he asked, encouraging him to take a closer look. Master Potioneers gained a good sense for Potions over the years and could tell a lot about them from whether they bubbled or frothed, their color, and other properties. His son-in-law had lost use of his wand ages ago, which was a source of shame no matter how his daughter attempted to defend her husband.
Chaos could be very sure of himself sometimes, be even now, looking into the potion and seeing the colors, how it moved, he could think it was something and be wrong. After all, his skills of potions did not compare to someone like Ioan, who led the entire Potion section of the Scitorari - not that Chaos knew. He never looked into it. "It looks like a potent poison. But, you can probably make poisons look like melted popsicles and vice versa." Chaos took a step back since he didn't want to risk Ioan throwing it at him. He didn't think that the man would do so, but there was no telling. He didn't trust a lot of people, and without a wand, he only had his vials to help him out. "Either way, I'm sure you can sell that for plenty of galleons. Judging by the ingredients you used."

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