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Zerrin knew the first name on his list, so he'd set off towards the Ravenclaw tower to find him. He smiled softly when he spotted the boy, jogging over. "Hey, Dorian, wait up." He called easily.
Dorian hadn't been sure what to expect with roses going out this Valentine's but the corridors were already seeming far more crowded than usual and he wasn't sure he liked it. He only just slowed his walk when he heard Zerrin calling for him, hoping he had a question about class or something and raising an eyebrow as he waited for his classmate to catch up.
Zerrin smiled as he caught up to Dorian. "Hey, rose for you," He offered, holding out the golden flower.

I bet you hate when someone disturbs you to give you a rose. Ha.


[kicks down door a month later. I DEFINITELY didn't forget about this]

Dorian hesitated when Zerrin apparently had a rose for him. He already had Ezra's and he was stumped who else would send one. He wasn't exactly friendly with most of his class, especially not his roommates, and he took the rose cautiously. "Thank you," he managed, though it came out rather short as he read the note and frowned, annoyed that Anisha was 100% right. "These are stupid, I don't know why people bother," he said sourly, folding up the note to hopefully throw away later.
Zerrin chuckled. "Well it's a fun way to let people know you're thinking of them," He offered easily. "Do you not like your rose?"
"Fun way to annoy people maybe," Dorian said with a sniff, shaking his head at Zerrin's question. It wasn't fair to shoot the messenger but it didn't ease Dorian's mood any more to remind himself of that. "The rose is fine, the note is childish," he said flatly. "Hope the rest of your deliveries are actually worth the bother."
Zerrin chuckled. "Well hey, I got to see you today, so I'll count that as worth the bother," He offered with an easy smile. "We should hang out more,"
Dorian could only stare blankly at Zerrin, trying to formulate a response once he was sure the Hufflepuff was being sincere. He seemed sincere, Dorian just wasn't used to anyone expressing much interest in spending time with him outside of Ezra, which he was perfectly fine with. "And do what exactly?" He said dubiously, realizing that had come out pretty rude. What did people even do to hang out when they didn't know each other that well? " I mean- Uh. Sure. Maybe. Some other time..." He said stiltedly, relieved that Zerrin's delivery meant they didn't have to hang out immediately and he could spend some time deciding if he actually wanted to 'hang out' with anyone.
Zerrin chuckled, shrugging. "I dunno yet, what kind of things do you like to do?" He asked. "I'm sure we could think of something we'd both like." He ran a hand through his hair. "Sure! I'll catch you around?" He asked, taking a step back and still smiling brightly.

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