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Zoe Katsaros could hardly believe that her son was turning 11 this December, and then she would have to think about whether or not to home-school him, or send him to Hogwarts New Zealand. He was her only child, and she yearned for more, but anything she tried, it just failed. Every IVF procedure that she could afford did not work. It damaged her relationship with Autumn, and before she knew it, Zoe said some things that should have never been said to a lover. She packed her son up and moved out. That was a year ago. Even now, Zoe both missed her, and never wanted to see her again. It was a mix of feelings. She was never up for change, that was certain, and now, she was a single mom to a beautiful boy. He never got to see his father, so he wanted to see Autumn a lot. Zoe allowed it - at a distance. She was at the distance that is. She took a picture of Zander as he run off to Autumn, calling her 'mom' and Zoe saw them off. It was a good exchange. One week with Zoe, one week with Autumn. As soon as they were out of sight, she frowned and walked down the cobblestone sidewalk with her camera in her hand. She looked up at a tree, and with the lighting... This was perfect for her peace of mind photo album. She took a few steps back, aimed, and the camera clicked. Through the lens, her purple eyes saw... Zoe dropped the camera from shock since she had not seen this person since school. That was over a decade ago.
It had all come out of nowhere really, one day Lucas only had Quidditch practice to worry about and getting the odd snide remark from his teammates about his girlfriend making more money than him. Then it was over, Evelyn had blindsided him by ending their relationship without a real reason, something about the spark fading, heaven forbid two grown adults have a relationship that felt stable, she read too many romance novels that spoke of passion and drama. Lucas hadn't reacted, which no doubt only strengthened Evelyn's belief that the spark had gone, but Lucas wouldn't fight for something that was already gone. He packed his things and moved home to New Zealand, his siblings were happy about it at least.

The news that Evelyn had quickly taken up with Noah, the person she had dated immediately before Lucas, hurt. Lucas couldn't help but wonder if she had maintained feelings for him throughout their relationship, he'd never get that answer but he didn't need it. The possibility of that being the case was enough to make Lucas think he had wasted a chunk of his life so far. The knowledge that their relationship hadn't meant much to Evelyn made it easier for him to move on, and move on he had. Lucas wasn't designed to be a stay-at-home boyfriend, that was just what dating a well-known fashion designer had turned him into. Now he was single he was free to live the care-free life he had wanted to live when he left school.

Back in one of his old haunts while he waited for Quidditch practices to start up again following the Christmas break, Lucas observed that Obsidian Harbour hadn't changed all that much. Had he expected it to? Not really, the wizarding world had a habit of standing still and that had been part of the reason Lucas was so open to leaving it behind, at least partially. But now, he was heading to the Leaky Cauldron to meet up with Braxton when he felt something, a shiver down the back of his neck as if someone was watching him. He scanned the area immediately around him and saw one familiar face in a sea of strangers. A face he hadn't seen since school. "Zoe?"
Zoe felt like she was frozen in time because she could not get over the fact that of all people, she ran into her ex-boyfriend from school. They broke up because she wanted to study and didn't give him the attention he deserved. She wanted to be an Auror (and look at how that turned out). But she was happy with Autumn and he was happy with Evelyn. She finally managed to gain some sense of reality and bent down to pick up her camera. She dusted it off after he said her name - and not her twin's. That would have been awkward. Then again, their hair style remained different, even to this day. She kept hers straight or wavy, and now it was cut short. She gave Lucas a weak smile, "Yeah, that's me. Um, long time no see, Lucas. How have you been?"

What was she up to? A failed relationship because she took out her anger on someone innocent and could not bring herself to face her mistakes because of how ashamed she was. She had a son from a deadbeat father. Yeah, things were going perfectly in her life. "I thought you moved to France to be with Evelyn." Zoe put her camera in her purse and clasped her hands in front of her.
Zoe seemed almost surprised that Lucas recognised her more than him being there at all. They hadn't seen each other since school, their relationship had ended amicably, Zoe just didn't have the time or the energy to devote to their relationship and Lucas had understood that. Evelyn hadn't liked Zoe so it had put stopped any chance of them staying in touch after they left school and once they moved to Paris, it eliminated any chance of random encounters. It seemed fitting that he would see her so soon after moving back, with Evelyn firmly in his rearview mirror he had no reason to avoid Zoe any longer.

"Evelyn and I broke up, I've just moved back," Lucas walked over to Zoe who had just picked up her camera having seemingly dropped it. "What are you up to now? Photographer?" He looked at the camera wondering if it was just a hobby or something she did for work.
Zoe wanted to frown when she heard the news of the breakup, but considering everything Evelyn and Zenia went through, and somehow her by extension, she couldn't say that she didn't mind having a good man like Lucas back out there on the market. That is, if he was still a good guy. A decade could easily change a person. "I'm glad you are back, Lucas. Paris doesn't seem to suit you, in my mind." Zoe always thought that Paris was full of fashionistas and people that loved the French culture. Lucas didn't seem like either. She dusted off her camera and laughed softly. "Yeah, I take some pictures for the local journals. I also use it as a hobby. I'm exciting, I know." She rolled her purple eyes, and made sure the camera was around her neck so that she could put her hands in front of her, clasping them together. "I have a son now. He's spending time with my ex this week so I have to do something to fill in the hours. Relationships with children involved is hard when you break up."
School felt like a lifetime ago, so many of his former classmates had taken significant strides in their lives in ways Lucas could only have dreamed of. Marriage, children, careers, Lucas was still playing Quidditch which while he knew he couldn't do it forever he was still very happy doing so, but he had spent so much time and effort on a relationship that had ultimately ended, children never seemed like a possibility while Evelyn had been building her brand. He didn't know what the future held for him but he couldn't help but feel he was behind. "No, I don't think it did either, I'm glad to be home, New Zealand is much more my speed," He smiled. Paris was all fashion, pretty people and parties and while there had been fun to be had when he first arrived, it all had become tiresome as the time went on.

"You have a kid? That's great, and it's good for him that you and his dad are still on good terms," Lucas could only assume the ex she referred to was the child's father with no other context to go on. "If you're childless for the afternoon how were you planning to spend it?"
Zoe had mixed feelings about all of this, but she was still dealing with the pains of the past. She did have to look to her present, and good things happened in time if one would allow it. She nodded at his statement of him being home. New Zealand was home, even after years of being off. "Although, I have heard that Paris' pastries are really good. Never been there myself, or even left New Zealand for that matter." Zoe shuffled her feet at the very thought of never leaving. And she had no regrets. She liked it in New Zealand. It was home. She even had her nieces and nephews here. She truly had no reason to leave, and couldn't fathom why people would - if not for their career. Zoe placed her hand in front of her mouth to contain her laughter when he thought that the ex she spoke of was the boy's father. It was a common mistake, one that she could not help but smile at. "Oh no, his father and I... Well, let's just say I've not seen him since my son was conceived. My ex is Autumn Branning. You might remember her, she was a Gryffindor too." Zoe brushed her hair behind her ear. "Honestly, I just get some house cleaning done and miss my son. I don't do much else. I guess you can say that I don't have much of a life, or how to live it when I'm on my own."
Lucas laughed, he did miss some of the food Paris had to offer but when it came to things he missed about living in France the list was pretty short. He had a lot of things to like about being home and perhaps he was about to discover another one. "The pastries are good, honestly as a city Paris is worth visiting, I just got tired of being there all the time," New Zealand was much more his speed, Paris had been fun for a while but the shine of the city faded the longer he had stayed. Lucas wondered if he had put his foot in it by bringing up her baby's father but Zoe seemed to laugh it off so that was a relief but he wasn't the ex she was referring to. "I remember her, she was hot, you two must have been pretty serious if she's spending time with your son, what happened?" Dwelling on her ex was probably not the best move for Lucas, but he wasn't hitting on her in the traditional sense, they had a history together and a long time since they had last spoken, and he genuinely wanted to know about the life she had lived during those years, the good and the bad. "Well if you don't have anything to rush back to perhaps I can steal you for the day,"
Zoe could understand that. The sights, the people. It all must have been so boring being there all of the time. Even here, she would get bored of the same old things- - but she felt safe and home. It would be different if he did not feel at home in a place like Paris. Zoe smiled more as he called Autumn hot. "Well, we didn't get married but might as well have. She's been there through my pregnancy and raising my son. We separated last year because honestly, I said things I shouldn't have." Zoe let out a sigh as she brushed her hair behind her ear because she bowed her head, clearly ashamed of what happened. "We tried a few IVFs and they didn't work. I took it out on her." Zoe knew she would have to apologize eventually, but she did not feel deserving of Autumn, who had been nothing but supportive. But Lucas was willing to steal her for the day. A day with her ex-boyfriend from school, what could go wrong? "Sure, I'd love that!" Zoe did not know what he had planned, but she could go for just about anything. Anything to distract her from her empty house.
Zoe sounded mournful as she discussed her ex and Lucas could relate to it in a small way, his relationship was firmly behind him and he was better off for it, but Zoe's ex might not be in her rear-view mirror forever if the two of them can get past the things said in the heat of the moment. "I'm sorry that sucks, do you think you'll ever be able to work things out? It seemed a shame for something to end because of a bad reaction to a stressful life events, they had clearly loved each other. "I have no plan, maybe we can just wander around? Maybe end up in the leaky cauldron, have a few drinks and reminisce about the old days,"
Zoe never thought that Autumn would want to work things out with her. Zoe would take her back in a heartbeat, but she was convinced that Autumn would never forgive her. It had been a year, so why not move forward? And right in front of her was a single, attractive ex boyfriend of hers. She was regretting breaking up with him, even though it had been on friendly terms. "I would love to have a couple of drinks, actually. Talk about the good old days sounds great!" Zoe was not a drinker, but she was not going to let herself just lose it either. Zoe did miss her times at Hogwarts. "You really look good though. I don't think I have mentioned that."
Walking with Zoe to find somewhere for them to set up shop and hang out for the afternoon made Lucas nostalgic for his Hogwarts days. He couldn't really remember why things had ended with Zoe, only that it had been civil and they had remained friends after even if that hadn't amounted to much, they were on good terms now and that was what mattered. "You look pretty good yourself," She really did, circumstances aside, Autumn was missing out but the ex Gryffindor's loss might be his gain, they were both single after all and despite the break up and all the time that had passed, there was certainly still a spark between them. "I never tire of hearing how good I look you know," He laughed as he steered her in the direction of the Leaky Cauldron. It wasn't really about drinking for Lucas, he just wanted somewhere they could sit and talk and see where things went.
Zoe could keep up with Lucas easily, and honestly, she enjoyed his company more than she would admit to herself. There was just something about him that was attractive. Maybe it was because she felt safe around him. She averted her eyes when she heard his compliment. Even now, she seemed like she had a hard time accepting them. Zenia had always been the prettier one to her - even if they were identical. It was just the way they dressed. Zoe was comfort, and Zenia was style. But at least she felt it was the truth coming from him. "I do my best to keep myself in shape. Chasing my son around sort of does it too." Zoe wondered if her son took after his father or something. Both liked to run off. At least Zoe would only focus on getting one back. "Oh, you've gotten cocky, I see. And I bet you hear it all of the time." Zoe was smiling, glad that at least he had some good self esteem. Maybe too much. Would this bite her in the butt if they were to have a few drinks?

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