Open A Wrong Turn

Callie Cardoso

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Too Young to Care
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Curly 15 1/2" Swishy Chestnut Wand with Augurey Tail Feather Core
05/2048 (13)
Callie had taken a wrong turn somewhere, and had found herself in Bleak street, completely and utterly lost. She just didn't know which was was where she came. Callie was almost convinced that the streets were changing. She felt a little scared, but knew that it was unlikely that this place would actually harm her. People didn't just randomly attack others. That was what she felt strongly. She believed that no one would attack her, that though she was lost, she was perfectly safe. Callie knew that eventually she'd come across someone and when she did, she'd ask them for help.
There were several unspoken rules Ryan had picked up working Bleak Street the past few years. Don't touch things if you don't know what they do, not matter how interested or curious you were, try to avoid asking too many questions, and don't talk to people unless you really need to. The latter was really the only one Ryan actually liked about working here, though at least being at the Silver Snake afforded him a front row seat to more cursed items than he'd ever be able to get his hands on on his own.

It also meant he nearly coasted right past the girl on the street, mind already thinking over ways he might be able to read that definitely malicious diary they'd gotten in stock last week. It was only after Ryan registered exactly how young and small she'd looked that he'd doubled back, looking at her pensively for a moment before speaking. "They'll probably confiscate anything you buy here if you take it to school," he advised her once he'd finally decided she was likely actually a not kid and a very short adult or maybe someone messing with age potions.

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