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This wasn't a date, Teddy assured himself, but rather new friends hanging out. It had taken a bit of detective work to uncover Gemma's last name, which allowed him to send the owl inviting her to join him for hot chocolate in the kitchen, a plan they'd made during Speedy Friends. Getting the recipe and ingredients had required organisation on his part too. As he set up in the kitchen, an unusual sensation crept over him—an uncanny suspicion that he might have unintentionally arranged this meeting in a manner reminiscent of a date. It triggered a discordant feeling within him, a sense of unease. Perhaps it was the prospect of certain expectations tied to it, intertwined with his own unexplored thoughts regarding his sexuality, that made him apprehensive. Even though, clearly in his mind, this was far from a date, he couldn't help but wonder if Gemma perceived it differently because they had made the plans during an event that fell under the umbrella of "Speed Dating".

(Teddy's outfit because @Gemma Delaney will want to know)
Gemma had to admit she was rather shocked that Teddy had sent her an owl about the Hot Chocolate "date" that they had planned during the speed dating. He was the only one that really stood out to her, even though he did seem a bit younger. Maybe he was her brother's age, but Gemma hadn't really bothered to ask. She was too busy discussing important things like fashion and drilling with questions. She wondered how Teddy would be in a different setting. Would he still be worth it without a timer and the forced questions?

The Slytherin girl had spent hours in front of the mirror getting her outfit just right. She had decided to go simple, well for her. A patterned skirt and a bright green top. She also wore shoes that she rarely was able to wear at Hogwarts. It felt almost against the rules to wear such clothes when she was still in the castle, but Gemma certainly wasn't going to just wear her uniform. Not for such an event. Gemma walked slowly to the Kitchen, an area that she had never been before. The shoes weren't the most comfortable, but made her almost look average height. She still wasn't the tallest girl even after growing a bit from her first year.

Gemma paused outside the kitchen for a moment, to practice her picture perfect smile before entering. Teddy had already arrived. She walked up to him, trying to look graceful and confident as always. "Hi Teddy. I was surprised to actually get your owl." She said honestly. She wasn't sure it was the best way to greet the boy, but she had at least said hi first.
When Gemma entered the kitchen, exuding an air of confidence, Teddy felt a pang of unfamiliar nervousness. "Hi Gemma," he greeted, his voice carrying a subtle note of uncertainty. "Well, I promised you hot chocolate!" Teddy shrugged. Keeping his word was something he took pride in. Teddy had deliberately held off preparing the hot chocolate so it would be fresh. He gestured toward the ingredients laid out on the counter. "I've got everything here, I'll put the milk on the stove now."

Teddy soon learned the stove did not have a simple on off switch. He stared at the hob with a quizzical expression. "So, how have you been?" he inquired, attempting to engage in small talk as he fiddled with the dials. "Anything exciting happen after I spoke to you at Speedy Friends?" Teddy's voice held a touch of stress as he had not worked out how to turn the hob on.
Gemma was surprised that Teddy seemed so uncertain with himself. Confidence came almost naturally to her, if not in reality, it could easily be faked. She almost thought that maybe she made the boy nervous. That was adorable. She flashed him a smile as she looked over the ingredients. Honestly, she wasn't sure how to make her own hot chocolate, but the ingredients seemed to fit what she thought about in her mind. She turned to Teddy who was fiddling with the knob on the stove, trying to heat up the milk.

"I've been good. Just classes honestly. Did some work on the set for that talent show coming up. I wanted to do the costumes, but everyone seems to want to wear whatever they'd like" she mentioned. She didn't think the people would look as good as if she designed the costumes, but at least she could make the sets look nice. Gemma wasn't sure what else to add. She wasn't as social as she wanted to be, but at least working with the talent show gave her an excuse to get some creativity out.

"Anything exciting in your life happen? End up finding the love of your life at the Speed Dating?" she asked, the second question rather playfully. She wondered briefly if she should help him turn the stove on, but would give him a bit more time to figure it out. It was rather adorable to see him struggle a bit.
"Oh yeah, that talent show was great!" Teddy grinned at Gemma's playful question, his cheeks turning a faint shade of pink. "Love of my life?" He laughed "It went flat after you left, no one else came to my table!"

His attention was mostly taken up by the stove that he was struggling to get to work. He turned the knob this way and that, but nothing turned it on. With a sheepish smile, he finally admitted, "I think the stove is broken."
Gemma smiled brightly at the comment about the talent show. She knew that she didn't quite participate, but she felt like she had had held it all together with her design work. In her mind, she was a necessary piece that made it go off without a hitch. She noticed that Teddy was blushing. It was rather cute to be honest. She pushed a strand of blonde hair behind her ear when he mentioned that it fell flat after she left. She took that to mean that she was the best thing that had happened during that time. Her thoughts certainly went to a good place. Maybe Teddy did like her quite a bit if he hadn't found any other girls after she had left. She kind of felt the same about the Speed Dating but didn't want to mention that and make herself too desperate looking.

The Slytherin girl watched Teddy fiddle with the stove handle for a bit longer. She wondered if he had never used this type of technology before. Gemma knew some of her friends even in the muggle world had never cooked for themselves. Gemma didn't have that luxury, although she tried to act like she was well off. The truth was, her family often made rather cheap meals that just needed to be heated up on the stove. "Need a little bit of help?" She asked, trying not to make him feel bad about the situation. She doubted the house elves would have a stove that didn't work. Not with the amount of food that needed to be made each day.
Teddy eased back, allowing Gemma a clear space to try lighting it herself, "Yes please, admittedly my mum usually handles this bit," He remarked, brushing aside how lame that sounded. Truth be told, the 'bit' he referred to was a colossal understatement. Teddy's mum did all the bits involved in making hot chocolate. Teddy watched curiously over Gemma's shoulder, wondering if she could get the stove to work.
Gemma did not hold it against Teddy for not knowing how to use the stove. But she did briefly wonder if the hot chocolate would be as good as promised. This was step one after all. The Slytherin girl was enjoying the company though. It made it worth it. She felt like she really had to get to know Teddy. Other than his lack of cooking skills, she didn't know much about the boy.

Gemma approached the stove, feeling Teddy watch over her shoulder. A smile fell on her face as he was that close to her. She tried to focus on the knob on the stove, spinning it to turn on the burner. She heard the clicking sound of the pilot's light going on. Then the flame erupted. She jumped slightly, hoping she hadn't run into Teddy in the process. It had startled her. She tried to laugh it off with a small giggle as she approached the stove again, turning down the heat slightly. The flame was more under control now. "Guess it's a bit touchy." she said trying to make light of how she had reacted to the flame at first.
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Teddy cheered when Gemma got the stove lit, even with the minor jump at the sudden flame. "You genius, I forgot about the clickey button," Teddy stepped forward, he knew it was his cue to take over the hot chocolate process. He grabbed the saucepan and poured the milk into it. Soon, the milk began to warm. With a confident grin, he measured out some chocolate and added it to the milk. Teddy stirred the mixture gently, making sure the chocolate melted evenly. Things seemed to be improving now. "Okay I think it's ready." He said optimistically. "Do you like marshmallows?"
Gemma could feel herself blush slightly when Teddy called her a genius. She knew it was a figure of speech, but still it was not a compliment she got often. Yes, she did well in school, but most people that looked at her often complimented her on her fashion sense or something more material like her looks. She was fine with that as well. The blonde girl thrived on compliments. But she had to admit it was nice to be called smart; especially by a boy who didn't seemed threatened by it.

The Slytherin girl watched as Teddy began to make the hot chocolate. He seemed comfortable in this setting, especially for someone who was unable to turn on the stove. She stood back a little bit and watched him work. The smell of chocolate filling the kitchens. Her stomach grumbled. She placed her arms over her stomach, crossed, almost to try to muffle the sounds. How embarrassing. She hoped Teddy had not noticed.

"I'd love some marshmallows." She admitted. She could not help that she had a sweet tooth. Plus hot chocolate and marshmallows went so well together, even if marshmallows were kind of a terrible food. She tried to ignore the fact she had learned what they were made of a few years back. A fact she would share with no one. Ignorance was bliss in that matter. "Pile them on there" she said with a laugh, hoping she wasn't seeming greedy.
Soon enough, Teddy presented two steaming mugs of hot chocolate. With a cheeky smile, he took a generous handful of marshmallows and piled them onto Gemma's hot chocolate. "There you go, a marshmallow mountain," he quipped, offering her the mug.

"I hope you like it, Gemma," Teddy said with warmth in his voice. He then added, "I'm a man of my word. If I say I'm going to make you hot chocolate, I do it!" He smiled, pleased to have delivered on his promise.
Gemma watched as Teddy piled the marshmallows on top of her hot chocolate. She accepted the cup with a gracious smile. "Thank you" she said cupping the mug in her hand. It was rather warm still, but no hot enough that she had to set it down. She even liked the warmth that spread in her hands. Gemma brought the hot chocolate up to her lips. Still too hot for a sip though. She began to softly blow on the drink, hoping to cool it down slightly.

She could smell the chocolate. It seemed to be filling the whole kitchen, or maybe Gemma was just so close to the cup that it felt that way. She blew again onto the hot beverage, bringing the mug up to her lips. She managed a tiny sip. It was rather hot still but the chocolate instantly went down her throat, warming up her stomach. She smiled, not noticing a little marshmallow that seemed to make it on her face. "You are definitely a man of your word. This is delicious. I'll have to keep you around" she said playfully. She was really starting to like this boy. The chocolate bribery definitely helped as well though. Made a great impression.

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