1. Willow Cullen

    SDA member list 2051-52 and duelling honour wall.

    Co-President: Analei Louw Co-President: Willow Cullen Members: First yearsSecond YearsThird YearsFourth YearsFifth YearsSixth YearsSeventh Years Beckett HarringtonSigurd RumblehornAjaccio SkeyDaintree VaskevoldNell WrightElio ZephyrDerek Tahana Flynn northKia SorensJuniper SteeleEric...
  2. Analei Louw

    Y35 Duelling Sign-Ups

    Hello lovely people! Soooooo this is a bit (see: a lot) late, so try to get your sign ups as soon as you can! The Student Defense Association is holding their dueling tournament this semester. The tournament will be starting later this week! If your character is feeling particularly...
  3. Alistair Lancaster

    Dueling Tournament: Duels

    Round One Duel # Competitors Proctor Victor Duel #1 Eric Holland vs Sydney Townsend Professor Katherine Alicastell None Duel #2 Padme Hume vs Aisa Hunter Professor Robert Kain Aisa Hunter Duel #3 Daintree Vaskevold vs Solomon Tofilau Professor Katherine Alicastell Daintree Vaskevold...
  4. Alistair Lancaster

    Y34 Duelling Sign-Ups

    This is late, so try to get your sign-ups in ASAP! Hello! As usual, the Student Defence Association will be hosting a duelling tournament this semester, so if your character is feeling competitive, or in need of taking out their aggression through ~magical combat~, then definitely sign up...