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Search results

  1. Samuel Phillips

    Come on and SPAM!

    Now that lessons are done we just have exams xD
  2. Samuel Phillips

    Come on and SPAM!

    Yay for completing lessons! :D
  3. Samuel Phillips

    Come on and SPAM!

    Aww thanks guys :wub: You’re too kind! Glad you’re liking the sig Kris! That means I’ve done my job as a graphic maker right :D
  4. Samuel Phillips

    Come on and SPAM!

    Best of luck with your course work! I’m just winding down after catching up with some friends and family :D Also goodnight Mia!!!
  5. Samuel Phillips

    Come on and SPAM!

    Also good evening madz! how are you?? :D
  6. Samuel Phillips

    Come on and SPAM!

    I just had veggies and rice, nothing too creative. Oooh braces though! Hope that all goes well for you :wub:
  7. Samuel Phillips

    Come on and SPAM!

    Now you've reminded me of food and I have to go and make something to eat :p
  8. Samuel Phillips

    Perfectionism sucks

    Real life does come first :hug: Do what you need to do and focus on your studies because that is what’s most important, and don’t worry about the rps we have in the meantime, alright! Hope to see you back when things are better, you’re always welcome to contact me if you need someone to talk...
  9. Samuel Phillips

    Minor Busytimes

    Have fun with the show and all that's happening after! Our roleplays can totally wait until things are less busy for you:wub:
  10. Samuel Phillips

    Come on and SPAM!

    Could you catch it and let it outside in a nearby park? Or would it somehow find its way back xD
  11. Samuel Phillips

    Come on and SPAM!

    Oh wow, didn't know spiders could do that! Learning something new everyday xD
  12. Samuel Phillips

    Just a few days

    Enjoy your time away! Hope the christmas party goes well :D
  13. Samuel Phillips

    Get to know you!

    The strangest things I've eaten that I can recall is snake and pig intestines, from the time I lived in China when I was a kid. There might be more 'strange' stuff I ate while I was there, but I don't remember it xD
  14. Samuel Phillips

    What are you listening to?

    Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Never gets old :wub:
  15. Samuel Phillips

    Come on and SPAM!

    Let me get rid of them for you!! I have this weird thing where if I'm dealing with a spider alone I hate it, but as soon as someone needs me to help get rid of a spider, I'm there to be a hero :p
  16. Samuel Phillips

    Life Happens

    Hope that goes well :wub:
  17. Samuel Phillips

    Y32 Quidditch

    Flav being taken out during his last quidditch game would be entertaining, that's for sure xD
  18. Samuel Phillips

    Graphic for El

    Tried this for you! Hopefully it's what you're looking for :D P.s There should definitely be a support group for people with playbys who dress weirdly, this is a very big problem when using male models xD
  19. Samuel Phillips

    Character Spotlight!

    AWW YAY :party: Congrats! Ainsley is an amazing character and you’ve done lots of great things with her! Very well deserved :hugs:
  20. Samuel Phillips

    Come on and SPAM!

    What made the ferret creepy, Cyndi? :p