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    Short absence

    Stay safe!
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    Best of luck with all the school work!
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    Open Maximise Your Library Searching!

    Stefan was quite surprised as a few more people turned up and he gave a little nod. Now was as good a time as any to get started. He cleared his throat lightly, and made a quick gesture with his hands. "Right, hi," he said, knowing he seemed nervous, "I'm Stefan and I run the library," he took a...
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    Work time.

    Best of luck with work Maiya!
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    Halloween will close tomorrow morning (GMT) wrap up those topics while you still have the time!
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    You can do it!
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    Get to know you!

    Hogwarts Scotland for sure - i mean living in Scotland it would just make sense, also would've attended some years after the events of the book. As much as I love HNZ, it would just make more sense. The weather would be god awful though. the descriptions of the weather in the books always make...
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    Emoticon Story Competition ✒️

    The winner is Penny Wills! Thank you both for taking part!
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    School Stuff

    Best of luck with everything in your schooling Katie!
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    Halloween feast is now open!

    Halloween feast is now open!
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    Halloween feast is now open!
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    Group Read 📖

    I don't believe Dumbledore at all, and it's an interesting fact that Harry doesn't either. It's difficult to know what he does see - if it's his family, or the deathly hallows, or something more mundane. I always really appreciated the weasleys' because from the get go, they're kind to...
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    Happy Birthday Sam!

    Happy Birthday Sam! I hope you have a great day!
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    Open Topics to Jump Into

    Name of RP: ten thousand steps Character(s) in RP: Padme Hume Overview: Brightstone weekend and Padme's bored at school and she's just finished a long walk around the town Additional information: anyone welcome to join! Young or old! Name of RP: Feeding School Owls Character(s) in RP: Mazikeen...
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    Come on and SPAM!

    I had forgotten it was even a thing. I'm also doing a lot of re-reading and reading in general, but I probably won't for a while. Wait till it's out on paperback
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    The Hunger Games - HNZ Edition! 🏹

    This is amazing!
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    The Bi-Weekly Update

    Thanks for the update Nick!
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    What are you watching?

    It translated well enough, there were maybe some points that would've gone over our heads without even realising, but there were never points where I was so out of depth with the jokes/references. It was really enjoyable.
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    What are you watching?

    So my partner and I watched Letterkenny over last weekend, and it was just great. Such a good comedy show.
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    Eurovision 2020

    here. I won't be watching any of it, and I had decided not to when they cancelled it. I'm very much a purist with eurovision, I don't listen to any of the songs before hand and have to watch it live. I didn't host my eurovision party the last couple of years because of outside factors so I...