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  1. Danae Jusantrea

    Danae Jusantrea

    (To be continued) Short info: Name: Danae Jusantrea Nickname: Dae Birthday: 24th October Blood status: Halfblood Appearance: Played by: Madison Mclaughlin Eyes: greeny grey Hair: dark brown Style: don't like very girlish things, prefers wearing jeans and hoodies more. Loves Vans. Family...
  2. Danae Jusantrea

    Open Charming new place in town.

    Danae was awakened by the very first rays of the sun. After changing her dressing gowns to light jeans and a blue sweater depicting a reindeer in a Christmas mood, she went to her closet before leaving her room to pick up a winter jacket and put it on. Today was the first day here and she was...
  3. Danae Jusantrea

    Banner please!

    Character Name: Danae Jusantrea Banner Type: Blend Celebrity used: Madison Mclaughlin Images:1. 2, 3, 4 Text On Banner: Danae Jusantrea and text the banner- Be strong! Color scheme: Green/Grey, or whatever looks good Also she likes so much scating on the lake.
  4. Danae Jusantrea

    Danae Jusantrea.

    (Deleted all,because it was posted in wrong place)