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  1. Anmoch Marcach

    Open Specter in the Dark

    The Dark Rider had never paid much attention to the goings on at Hogwarts. He'd had centuries to roam the dungeons at Hogwarts, and was intimately familiar with every corridor and room. It was a good place to spend time if he wanted to be alone, away from students.There were certain parts of the...
  2. Anmoch Marcach

    The Monster Mash

    Another year, another halloween. Anmoch had yet to see anyone in both his house or the school that he thought truly deserved their place but as the spirit rode his steed once more down to the Great Hall, that was littered with various treats and candy that the children so desperately seemed to...
  3. Anmoch Marcach

    A Turn on the Dance Floor

    The Yule Ball was about as much excitement as a ghost could get himself into these days. Gone were the times when The Dark Rider would wander over the glens and remember his mortal life. The years had whittled his memory down to the few precious thoughts of a time now past. Once he would be...
  4. Anmoch Marcach

    Anmoch Marcach

    [font=georgia][color=black]Name: Anmoch Marcach (Known to most as the Night Rider or Dark Rider) *Note he does not give out his name to anybody unless he feels they are worthy, currently these people know Anmoch's name: -Professor Katherine Alicastell -Professor Ava King -Professor Kalif Styx...