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  1. Milena Hakobyan

    January was wild

    Hi all, I just came back from a su-per long absence (read: ~8 years) and then I straight up stopped RP'ing for all of January lol. Short backstory - I'm Canadian, and an articling student at a law firm (basically 10-month internship before becoming an ~offishal~ lawyer). January 2, my first day...
  2. Milena Hakobyan

    Bi-Weekly Update

    HOly moly I basically missed all of first semester because of work. Thanks for the update, I'll mark Sunday down on my calendar!
  3. Milena Hakobyan

    Banner for Milena!

    Love it, thank you!! Do I just save it as an image and credit you right below? Can't remember how it works :/
  4. Milena Hakobyan


    Welcome!! You're going to have a blast :)
  5. Milena Hakobyan

    Plots? Gimme!

    I've got Milena! I'm looking for one/two close friends for her to have (any house): Muggleborn, Naive, Curious, Happy, outgoing, loves writing and reading, and I think she'll find herself very interested in potions/herbology (which I think will lead her into healing). From the looks of it, I...
  6. Milena Hakobyan

    Bi-Weekly Update!

    :O my thread got highlighted!
  7. Milena Hakobyan

    Y35 Sorting Reactions!

    A few years back when I was on, all of my characters were Slytherins (like me). It's definitely weird to have anything but that, though I am excited to play a happy-go-lucky Hufflepuff.
  8. Milena Hakobyan

    Y35 Sorting Reactions!

    I have no idea where Milena might go. I think she's a happy, curious kid who's going to absorb everything she can, having come from a muggle family. I'm still developing her and I think whichever house she will go into will be a fun surprise!
  9. Milena Hakobyan

    Banner for Milena!

    Character's Name: Milena Hakobyan Celebrity: Natalie Portman Images: 1 2 3 (any combo that works for you!) Text On Banner: Milena Colours: Neutral and/or pastel colours. ie: beiges, greys, tans, soft blues/green, soft pinks/purples (or any other soft neutrals/pastels, really!) Banner: 200x500...
  10. Milena Hakobyan


    Migraines can be brutal! I hope you feel better soon.
  11. Milena Hakobyan

    Any gamers?

    Woah! Didn't expect to get so many responses! I typically play RPGs (think Fallout, elderscrolls series) but also like action/adventure. Right now I'm playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance and saving up for Outerworlds and Assassins Creed: Odyssey.
  12. Milena Hakobyan


    Welcome back! I'm recently returned as well, I look forward to rp'ing together as new students!
  13. Milena Hakobyan

    Any gamers?

    Hey y'all! I just got a PS4 and am reaching out to gamers to find any awesome games. Anybody have any suggestions? (I've played on xbox 360 up until now so I'm pretty much not aware of that many "new" gen games). Also, I hope this is the right forum for this! Also, just gonna add - I'm not new...
  14. Milena Hakobyan


    Yes, I totally remember rp'ing with you!!
  15. Milena Hakobyan

    Bi- Weekly Update

    Yay! Thanks for the update. Excited for sorting to happen and figure out what house this one's in.
  16. Milena Hakobyan

    Milena Hakobyan

    *work in progress* The Basics Character's Name: Milena Amal Hakobyan Character's Birthdate: April 1, 2039 Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand Blood Status: Muggleborn Appearance Hair: She has straight, dark brown hair, currently worn in a blunt bob. Eyes: Brown Height: 5'0 Style: Comfortable...
  17. Milena Hakobyan


    Yes 'tis I! And thanks, Nick.
  18. Milena Hakobyan


    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. I know there's a little bit before sorting so I'm going to try to ease back into this!
  19. Milena Hakobyan


    thanks :)
  20. Milena Hakobyan


    Hi everyone, my name is Zoe. I'm returning to rp after ~8 years and am nervous lol. I should also probably mention that hnz was a huge part of my life 10+ years ago, but to be honest I don't know if I have the same creative juices anymore. Anyway, I'm excited to get back into it and I look...