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  1. Asphodel King

    Closed Lies Tell Me Lies

    Asphodel King had been unable to sleep the whole night leading up to meeting Vader for some charms practice. Her eyes were blood shot, and her breathing was slow. It was hard sometimes to be alone now, since Olive passed. After all, all she had was some letters and the knowledge that she...
  2. Asphodel King

    Closed Letters To A Mother

    Asphodel, all her life, had never had a female she could turn to in times of needing advice. She loved her father of course, but at this moment in her life, with boy problems and otherwise, the ginger haired girl needed a mom. The closest thing she had was West's girlfriend, whom she had met and...
  3. Asphodel King

    Pho's New Banner!

    Character's Name: Asphodel King Banner Type: 500x250 in size Celebrity you're using: Danielle Boker Images: Image Option Image One Image Two Text on banner: Asphodel King Colour Scheme: N/A Thank you!!!
  4. Asphodel King

    Closed A Late Christmas - Or Whatever

    Asphodel King enjoyed Holidays at home as always, but sometimes being away from the home that contained just her and her father wasn't so bad. Especially now that Pho was in the process of learning how to not be so intense that she scared away every potential friend. The ginger haired Slytherin...
  5. Asphodel King

    Asphodel Willamine King

    ASPHODEL WILLAMINE KING hey there, the name's Cole. i've had 21 candles on my cake, and have been on this role-playing scene for 9 years almost? i think. so, i play a ton of other charries in this joint, now that you know about me, let's get on to my character. WHEN YOU'RE STUCK IN, A MOMENT...