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  1. Saira Lykims

    A Confession To Make

    OoC: Personal Development, This thread is not open. Following: After her talk with Liusaidh, Saira writes her letter to her parents in England and sends it through Henri, her owl. Letter Contents:
  2. Saira Lykims

    *funny plot related title*

    Aaaaah! Hello everyone! I’ve been trying to get myself to write a PD for a few days now but I could never get to it (so here I am during class trying to finish it). I’ve got tests coming up again which are always a pain but I’m getting through it, and I’ve been trying to reply to everything, so...
  3. Saira Lykims

    New babies

    So I made another two new characters for Y38 and since my exams have finished I decided it's about time to release them into HNZ. I've done a couple of RPs with one of them already so I thought it's about time i gave the other one some attention as well. Dmitri Pieterse Unsorted: Y38 Dmitri...
  4. Saira Lykims

    No more exams!

    I finished taking my exams yesterday (hopefully i did well), and I'm back. I just wanted to post something short here to let people know :D I do have exams & tests pretty often though so I might just not post whenever I might be gone. (Can't wait for summer break :wub:)
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    Exam Season

    I forgot to post this a while back but it's exam season for me right now so i'll be missing for the most part! I'll be back soon!
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    Open The Tree That Played Music

    Saira was bored, after she got better from her sickness she hadn't seen or done anything fun. She could study of course, exams were only weeks away, but she didn't have the mindset to do that. So instead, Saira brought her guitar up to the great lawn and looked for the bushiest of trees. Once...
  7. Saira Lykims

    Another Question, Sorry!

    Hi! I've got another question! Is there a way to look at the old sorting threads (more specifically for Y36 & Y37)? I want to add the sorting hat messages into my characters' bios. :p I should have probably copy pasted them before they closed, but the idea didn't pop into my head until I saw...
  8. Saira Lykims

    Open Hello, my little bwaby

    Saira was up at the owlery, checking up on Henri. She had sent him early to the castle as to make sure he wasn’t found by her maids, but she had missed him dearly. So, the day after she arrived at hogwarts, she went up to see him. She had a big portion of her galleons on treats, as she didn’t...
  9. Saira Lykims

    New Year, New Plots

    Hi! Looking forward to having more fun this school year! Saira Lykims / 2nd Year / Slytherin Saira is reserved and quiet most of the time, but to people who she likes/close with, she is caring and passionate. She cares for her grades even though she doesn’t have any certain passion for any...
  10. Saira Lykims

    Plots and other shenanigans

    Hello! So I've made some new characters that are coming in the next year and I wanted to do some RPs with them before going to hogwarts so that they can make some friends (and enemies ;) ) I'll also be posting my current firsties because I'm having a lot of fun roleplaying them. If I haven't...
  11. Saira Lykims

    Open A bit late, a bit better

    Saira hadn’t sended any rose requests in, knowing that Lillith wouldn’t want any, and that Kard.. was nowhere to be seen after the break. But she did have a few people she wanted to give flowers to. She decided to start looking for her at the student lounge as she wasn’t aware of where else to...
  12. Saira Lykims

    Old School Week A letter to my parents

    Saira called for Henry as she entered the owlery. An owl came swooping down on her arm, flapping it's wings wildly. "Hello to you too, Henry." She gave him a mouse treat that she had bought a while ago and watched as he devoured the treat.
  13. Saira Lykims

    Open An Essay about King Arthur

    (Continuation of Lesson 2, History of Magic for First Years: Slytherin and hufflepuff) Saira walked into the library and looked for the book, History of Merlin. She needed it to write an essay for her History of Magic class on Merlin and King Arthur. She soon decided to write about the basics of...
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    Post Abt Signatures

    Hi again! I have another question, this time about signatures. So i made my own graphic (since my post didn’t have any replies) and im trying to put it on my signature but i don’t know how i’m supposed to put it up. It’s in my phone gallery atm, and so it says i need a link. But I don’t have a...
  15. Saira Lykims

    Open Dozing Off

    Saira was reading A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot, reviewing something for her class. It was something about goblins, or was it elves? It didn’t really matter, either ways anybody could tell that she didn’t find it that interesting, as she could be found in the student lounge, sleeping on...
  16. Saira Lykims

    Saira Elizabeth Lykims

    Saira Elizabeth Lykims Family Selena Katherine Berkshires Mother Cedric Adam Lykims J. Father Cedric Edward Lykims II Brother Acquaintances Zennon Baros Luxen Silverback II Aoi Ito Sebastian Grimm Nikola Raven Millie Louane Ruben Right Delilah Thorne Ivy Ashworth...
  17. Saira Lykims

    Saira Elizabeth Lykims

    Saira Elizabeth Lykims BASIC INFORMATION FULL NAME: Saira Elizabeth Lykims (Sa-i-ra E-li-za-beth Lai-kims) NICKNAMES: Sisi (See-see) NAME: Saira is a spelling variation of the feminine name Sarah, which is of Hebrew origin and is said to mean ‘Princess’. Sarah is a very popular name in...
  18. Saira Lykims

    Closed Taking a Walk

    The sun shined brightly against the pathways of the courtyard. Saira was taking a walk, trying to clear her mind of all of the new things that was thrown upon her. Though she didn’t react to most of the magical things that had happened so far, it was a bit much compared to her mundane life at...
  19. Saira Lykims

    Looking for Y36 Plot Devs! :)

    Hello! I'm really looking for anyone and anything, so don't be afraid to shoot! Forever open unless said so!! (you can ignore what i'm looking for, it's just for what i would prefer) Saira Elizabeth Lykims Saira is an English muggleborn girl to a wealthy family. She has spent most of her...
  20. Saira Lykims

    Saira’s Banner

    Character Name: Saira Lykims Celebrity Used: Adelaide Kane Text on Banner: Saira Lykims Images:One, Two, Three Colour Scheme: Green, Dark blue, black-grey (something close to this is fine) Other: If possible, could you make it look kind of elegant or classy. Thanks (If the links don‘t work, do...