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  1. Isadora Novak

    Closed Aim and Throw

    Isadora never properly cleaned out her trunk or schoolbag, it wasn't something that really mattered to her, and she could usually think of more fun ways to spend her time. But that did mean that in the bottom of her bag were a bunch of old papers from the last two school years she no longer...
  2. Isadora Novak

    Closed Dangerous but Fun

    It was easy to see why the cliffs were out of bounds for students, as they were very dangerous, but Isadora couldn't help herself, this spot at the top of the cliffs was one of her favorite parts of the Hogwarts grounds. She had been here a few times before, but not usually by herself. She...
  3. Isadora Novak

    Closed Consequences of Exaggeration

    Isadora was not in a good mood. She hadn't exactly looked forward to the break, but she had at least expected she would get to sleep in. Unfortunately, her mother had different ideas. Ever since Isadora had come home with the story of how she had befriended Axel Zhefarovich the second, her...
  4. Isadora Novak

    🌹 Rose Giving And... Done!

    Isadora's final rose was the only one left in her basket, and it was for some Ravenclaw boy she didn't really know. She decided to try her luck at the Ravenclaw table around dinner time, approaching the table and starting to ask around. "Hello? Anyone named Weston here?" @Weston Stirling
  5. Isadora Novak

    🌹 Rose Giving Rose for a Yearbook Guy

    Isadora didn't really know the next person on her list well, but figured out from talking to some people he was on the yearbook. She went looking for him, asking a few more people to point in the right direction. Finally, she headed over to the guy. She tapped him on the shoulder. "Are you...
  6. Isadora Novak

    🌹 Rose Giving Friendly Rose for a Friend

    Isadora was happy about her next delivery, Kiara was a friend of hers she hadn't seen enough lately. She caught up with the girl near the History of Magic classroom, grinning as she tapped her shoulder. "Rose for you!" She said happily. @Kiara Thompson
  7. Isadora Novak

    🌹 Rose Giving Who Knew Professors Had Friends?

    Isadora had been a bit surprised to see that her next recipient was a professor. Who knew they also sent and received roses? Isadora made her way to the Professor's common room. She wasn't entirely sure if she was allowed in here, but she guessed she might as well try. She looked around...
  8. Isadora Novak

    🌹 Rose Giving Near the Snake Den

    Isadora's next rose was for someone she wasn't too excited to talk to. It was one of Natalia's roommates, and Isadora bet her sister had been talking badly to her to all her roommates for the past four years. Isadora found someone near the Slytherin common room and asked them to call for Lucie...
  9. Isadora Novak

    🌹 Rose Giving Head Rose for Head Boy

    Isadora had signed up for the roses on a bit of a whim, it seemed like something fun to do. She wasn't a part of the Wild Patch Club, as that was Natalia's territory. But rose delivery seemed fair game. Isadora was carrying the basket of roses and looked at the list. As a first year, she didn't...
  10. Isadora Novak

    Old School Week Ouch, Gravity

    Isadora was climbing a tree, mostly to see how high she could get. But her foot slipped and she fell out of the tree, landing on the soft grass below with a loud curse. It was a good thing her mother wasn't here to hear it, she would have sent her to her room for sure. She sat up, rubbing her back.
  11. Isadora Novak

    Isadora Renáta Novak

    Isadora Renáta Novak Wild and free THE BASICS: NAME: Isadora Renáta Novak NAME MEANING: 🧨 Isadora: From the Greek name Ἰσίδωρος (Isidoros) meaning "gift of Isis", derived from the name of the Egyptian goddess Isis combined with Greek δῶρον (doron) meaning "gift". Saint Isidore of Seville...
  12. Isadora Novak

    Closed Hit and Miss

    Isadora had found an old, small, green ball outside on the grounds and taken it with her. Apparently, it was called a tennis ball and used for some sort of muggle sport, but to Isadora it seemed perfect for throwing and catching. So that was what she had been doing all afternoon in the common...
  13. Isadora Novak

    Closed A Labyrinth of Corridors

    Isadora had been eager to explore the castle the moment she could, but she soon realized that it would be more difficult than she imagined. Her house was pretty big, but it was nothing compared to Hogwarts. How did anyone manage to find their way anywhere? She had been looking for the student...
  14. Isadora Novak

    Open Dreams of Mischief

    Open after Marijke posts with Kiara Isadora was glad to be at Brightstone Village today, happy that her mother had told her to go with their nanny on errands. She enjoyed being out more than hanging around the house by herself, and she was hoping to make some friends or at least do something...