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  1. Mitchell North

    Closed First Floor Mates

    Mitchell didn't like to it admit it, but the fact that he had barely seen or spoken much to his colleagues on the first floor was kind of embarrassing really. Especially since he was pretty much still the new professor at the school. It still felt like yesterday that he joined the team, which...
  2. Mitchell North

    Some Well-Needed Quality Time

    What with being occupied by preparing lessons for the new semester, Mitchell had not seen much of his friend lately since he was cooped up in either his office or classroom for most of the time. He hadn't failed to notice, however, that there was something going on with Robert, though really...
  3. Mitchell North

    Closed Confusion All Around

    It wasn't often that he had to go to his sister for help, as the younger sibling she would just make fun of him for asking her for advice, but he honestly couldn't make heads or tails from the last bit of Karissa's letter. Part of him thought that she was trying to flirt with him by asking him...
  4. Mitchell North

    Closed Of Findings and Theories

    It had taken him longer than he would've liked to look at Karissa's findings on ancient Greece and Egypt but as soon as he had time to look over them, spent the whole evening reading them and writing his own theories next to it. It appeared that her findings were closely related to wizardkind...
  5. Mitchell North


    With Valentine's Day going on and stuff I thought that I might give this a go! I've been thinking of posting something like this for a couple of days now but wasn't really sure if I should until now. Mitchell North Mitchell is proud, kind-hearted, and incredibly ambitious. He's a workaholic...
  6. Mitchell North

    Open How It's Done

    Mitchell honestly did not mind the fact that he would dance with Robert later on, they would be able to show the students of Hogwarts how to properly dance. Of course, the two of them were here as chaperones to make sure that chaos would not occur throughout the night. But that did not mean that...
  7. Mitchell North

    Closed A Reunion of Sorts

    Mitchell was surprised to see a familiar face among the staff members during the start of the year feast. While they hadn't been best friends or anything back then, he had made sure to have a chat with Madlyn whenever they would come across one another in the corridors or in classes. He did know...
  8. Mitchell North

    Banner for a Professor

    Characters name: Mitchell North Banner type: Whichever you're most comfortable with Banner size: 500x200 Images: One, two, three, four Celebrity you're using: Jake Gyllenhaal Text on Banner: Mitchell North Colour Scheme: Any, whatever you think suits him!
  9. Mitchell North

    Professor Needs People!

    Hi all! I've got a professor here but he doesn't really have anything else going for him at the moment. Obviously, that needs to change! Mitchell William North Mitchell graduated from Hogwarts New Zealand in 2032 as a Slytherin. Two years after graduating from Hogwarts, Mitchell went to...
  10. Mitchell North

    Mitchell William North

    M I T C H E L L W I L L I A M N O R T H General information Full name: Mitchell William North Name meaning: Mitchell is a boy's name of English origin meaning "who is like God" William is a boy's name of English origin meaning "resolute protection" North is a topographic name, from Middle...
  11. Mitchell North

    Closed About to Step into a Whole New World

    He had seen the signs when they were beginning to show, recognised them because he'd seen the same signs when his siblings were younger. Funnily enough, Mitchell never figured that his best mate's son, and his godson, would have magical blood in him as well. It was, however, a great relief to...