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  1. Isadora Novak

    Make-Up Section (Y42)

    Name: Isadora Novak House: Gryffindor Year: Third Lesson Missed: 1 While Isadora wasn't very excited about heading to lessons again, she had to admit that at least the Defence lessons were usually kind of interesting. Especially when they were allowed to practice a spell or something, as...
  2. Isadora Novak

    Closed Unstoppable

    Isadora had picked up a few things about the muggle world during her years at Hogwarts, but it still always fascinated her. At home, it was practically a forbidden subject. She knew better than to even show a passing interest in anything muggle at home, it just wasn't worth the hassle and the...
  3. Isadora Novak

    Closed Dangerous but Fun

    Isadora couldn't help laughing at Harper's words, though she finally understood why someone would want to be a prefect. She still very much doubted she would ever be a candidate, though. "I don't need an excuse, I'm just not getting caught." She said with a smile. "By... anyone besides you, I...
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    Heta Omega

    Isadora Novak Third Year Gryffindor
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    Third Years

    Isadora Novak Gryffindor
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    Y42 Costume Contest

    Isadora Novak as a rabbit
  7. Isadora Novak

    Closed Dangerous but Fun

    Isadora heard some noise behind her and turned around, sure professor Kingsley had followed her or something. Instead, it was Harper. That was better, though she was a prefect. Isadora's tentative smile morphed into a grin as the girl kept talking and it became clear she was joking. "I don't...
  8. Isadora Novak

    Open Putting In More Effort

    Isadora plopped down on the blanket with a grin, tossing the bag of beans onto it quickly. "Sorry I didn't get anything better." She apologized. Kiara had done a really good job and Isadora wished she had thought to bring something fancier. "Eh." She said, waving her hand dismissively as she...
  9. Isadora Novak

    Closed Unstoppable

    Isadora had expected Aine to give a similar polite response about her break as she herself had done, so she snorted in surprise at Aine's blunt but honest answer. It was funny, but it also made Isadora wish she had been a bit more honest herself. Isadora sat up a bit as Aine explained about her...
  10. Isadora Novak

    Closed Aim and Throw

    Isadora never properly cleaned out her trunk or schoolbag, it wasn't something that really mattered to her, and she could usually think of more fun ways to spend her time. But that did mean that in the bottom of her bag were a bunch of old papers from the last two school years she no longer...
  11. Isadora Novak

    Closed Unstoppable

    Isadora had already relocated three times since she had decided she should probably do some of the reading for her upcoming Potions lesson. At first, she had opened her book in the dormitory, but it was uncomfortable to read in bed and besides, it was stuffy in there. So she moved to the student...
  12. Isadora Novak

    Closed Dangerous but Fun

    It was easy to see why the cliffs were out of bounds for students, as they were very dangerous, but Isadora couldn't help herself, this spot at the top of the cliffs was one of her favorite parts of the Hogwarts grounds. She had been here a few times before, but not usually by herself. She...
  13. Isadora Novak

    Open Y42 Start of Year Feast

    Isadora was full of restless energy and wished she could run a few laps around the castle before having to sit down at the feast. Watching the sorting ceremony had been fun, though it was strange to think she had been up there herself as a first year only two years ago. They were so small now...
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    Mate, Date or SLATE

  15. Isadora Novak

    Open Putting In More Effort

    Isadora had been happy to hang out with Kiara when she asked. She felt a little guilty for not spending much time with the Ravenclaw last year, as she had been mostly caught up with Margo and Cameron, as well as her housemates. Kiara was quiet and serious, very different from Isadora herself...
  16. Isadora Novak

    Mate, Date or SLATE

  17. Isadora Novak

    Y41 Electives Fair

    It scared Isadora a bit, having to pick electives. She didn't particularly enjoy her classes, so having to pick more to do didn't exactly appeal to her too much. Her talk with Harper had helped her a bit, though. She had mentioned Care of Magical Creatures which did seem like an interesting...
  18. Isadora Novak

    Open Now Is the Start

    This conversation was definitely interesting, and Isadora forgot about her studies quickly. She turned to the girl, sighing a bit at her remark about the hidden corridors. "Probably." She said, unable to hide her disappointment. "Shame." She giggled in surprise as the girl considered her prank...
  19. Isadora Novak

    Open Kicking Around

    Isadora was glad the boy managed to intercept the ball easily, despite her less-than-stellar kick. She smiled at him, tilting her head a bit. "Oh, okay." She said, not sure what to make of that. Isadora knew there were a lot of muggle sports that involved kicking balls, but she didn't know much...