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  1. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Happy Birthday Mia!

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day! ^_^
  2. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Y42 Sorting Reactions!

    :o wooooooow. That has to be a record. I think I've sorted...7? xD
  3. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Bi-Weekly Update

    Thanks for posting and congrats on your first BWU! Always such an exciting time. The yearbook looks lovely as always!
  4. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Stepping down (with a silver lining)

    Congrats again! I hope things go smoothly with the pregnancy! 💜
  5. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

    🎉🥳🎁🎂Happy Birthday!!!🎂🎁🥳🎉 Hope you have an amazing day! 💜💜💜
  6. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Open Y41 End of Year Feast

    The end of year feast nearly always had a great energy about it. Students were relieved to leave their books and schooling behind for a few months and excited about their upcoming breaks. It was apparent in all of the chatter one could hear upon entering the Great Hall. And the professors...
  7. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Spam-A-Lot! Your one stop shop for spam!

    So many birthdays! Save me some cake both of you! ^_^ I need to do some chores this weekend, namely laundry, and then will probably just sleep the weekend away. I've had some pretty hardcore insomnia lately which I guess is good practice for when the little bean arrives but not super helpful...
  8. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Character Spotlight: August

    Who will it be this month?? No need to wonder, just keep reading! :p Each month, we look to highlight a character who is exceptionally developed in some way. It might be that they have a great bio, great development area, a fun, creative way to show aspects of the character, some fun roleplays...
  9. Professor Cyndi Kingsley


    Enjoy your vacation!
  10. Professor Cyndi Kingsley


    Welcome back!
  11. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Happy Birthday, Jess!!!

    Happy birthday! Hope you have an amazing day! ^_^
  12. Professor Cyndi Kingsley


    Graduation is now open! :party:
  13. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Bi-Weekly Update

    You won't get an increased warning or any other form of punishment if you do it so I'd hesitate to call it a rule, but is guidance we give and one of the reasons why we close apps during sorting season. For more on why we ask that you wait, you can take a look at this FAQ post. We've offered...
  14. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Bi-Weekly Update

    Here we go again! This one should be relatively short since we just had a very large BWU posted last week. :) We've got a new Headmaster! We'd like to thank everyone who applied for the position. We know that it is a serious undertaking, and the applications that we received were all...
  15. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Bi-Weekly Update

    Archived It's time for some new news, so we're archiving this to get it out of the way. Please make sure to check out the news and updates section for the most up to date site news. If you have any questions about this piece of news, please reach out to an administrator. ~The HNZ Site Staff
  16. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Happy birthday Tamara and Clara!

    🎉🥳🎁🎂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎂🎁🥳🎉 Hope you both enjoy your special day! ^_^
  17. Professor Cyndi Kingsley


    Welcome to HNZ, Liga! I'm Cyndi, one of the admin. I'm sure Maiya will help you learn the site, but if you have any questions don't be afraid to PM me. Hope you enjoy your time here! ^_^
  18. Professor Cyndi Kingsley


    Good luck with everything!
  19. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Slow activity

    💜 sending all the hugs your way.
  20. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Happy Birthday Kris!!

    Happy birthday!!