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  1. Octavian Vetrov

    Request by Rose

    Octavian had been distracted for much of the dance by the fact that Camelia had used her rose to him to request a dance but he hadn't been able to get her way from her boyfriend to see what the whole thing meant. Try as he might the Gryffindor hadn't been able to lose himself to Marisol and the...
  2. Octavian Vetrov

    Blinded by your grace

    For a little while, it seemed like things were finally going to work out between Octavian and Camelia but out of nowhere she was dating some Ravenclaw kid and it left Octavian unsure of where he stood with his fiancee. All Octavian could do was try not to think about the girl he had begun to...
  3. Octavian Vetrov

    Tell-Tale Heart

    It was a year to the day since Octavian had met Marisol. Back then she was blissfully ignorant to the fact he was engaged and he about her being a werewolf. Though he liked to think he had taken her news better than she did his, though Octavian wasn't sure which posed the biggest threat to their...
  4. Octavian Vetrov

    Perfect timing

    After his run in with Asaiah Octavian was a little nervous about the valentines dance because he knew that he had to tell Marisol about his engagement. He liked Marisol, a lot, and he doubted very much that she would want anything to do with him when she learned the news. Once Octavian was happy...
  5. Octavian Vetrov

    Lets Dance

    Octavian was thrilled to be going to the Yule ball with Marisol, she had been a lot of fun during their short lived time at the halloween feast and he had enjoyed getting to know her since, once she figured out who he was. Octavian was quick to get ready, eager to see his date. After fixing his...
  6. Octavian Vetrov

    Bump in the night

    Octavian was already having a pretty good night at the Halloween feast. He had spent the first part of it with a few girls who had all been in the year below him. He hadn't really flirted with a of them but it had been fun all the same. Now prince charming wanted to find his princess for the...
  7. Octavian Vetrov

    Graphics Request [C]

    Banner Request Form Character's Name: Liam Adams Banner Type: (Standard/Blend/Complex/Linked) *Banner Size: (You may leave this to banner maker's discretion) Celebrity you're using: Zach Roerig Images on banner: