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  1. Chante Ateara

    Open A Little Snack Testing

    Chante's breath hitched slightly, a genuine real smile found her lips. “Pastry chef,” Chante corrected the Slytherin. Goodness, it was so great to tell someone else other than her family that she aspires to be a pastry chef. If it wasn’t so obvious, yet, no one else has been that interested in...
  2. Chante Ateara

    Open A Little Snack Testing

    Chante frowns, she should be mindful that not everyone was going to find her bake goods appealing. Leda listing off dragons and a basilisk of all things were just mocking the aspiring baker. She resumes the politeness in her voice, shrugging at Leda. “I don’t think that’s an appropriate treat...
  3. Chante Ateara

    Closed What Makes You Any Better

    Chante sighs, mildly irritated, “If I was in a joking mood, in a better mood I may have laughed with you. Maybe, but, seeing as I’m not,” Chante gestures with her hands as if to say sorry, not sorry. That’s a signal or hint for him to fill in the blanks. “No, not really. I would be concerned if...
  4. Chante Ateara

    Open Tripping Over Nothing...Maybe

    Chante slowly nodded, “Yeah, I remember,” not the latter. She forgets sometimes her aunty was raised by centaurs. Aunty Briar behaves so ordinarily like a witch, it’s easy to forget sometimes her upbringing wasn’t quite as normal as theirs. “Aunty Briar said that? To get into the Forbidden...
  5. Chante Ateara

    Open A Little Snack Testing

    Chante must’ve looked as if she was hogging the entire snack table to herself standing in front of it, almost like she was guarding the spread like a three-headed-dog. She tilts back, turning casually to meet the eyes of Leda Layton. A smile forms on her lips, Chante tries to make it as genuine...
  6. Chante Ateara

    Open A Little Snack Testing

    Chante came to the Yule Ball without a date this year, which was perfectly fine with her if someone should ask. With the recent news of her mother being pregnant and studying a bit for exams, Chante hadn't made herself available for someone to ask. And then she had the idea instead of going to...
  7. Chante Ateara

    Yule Ball

    Chante Ateara
  8. Chante Ateara

    Perfect Match

    Joshua x Sophie :r
  9. Chante Ateara

    why can't eye seee

    Feel better soon lovely, Lovi. :hug:
  10. Chante Ateara

    Slow for a while

    Take care, Rowan! :console::hug:
  11. Chante Ateara

    Teigan is TeiGONE

    Jesse had me panicking. :glare:
  12. Chante Ateara

    HNZ Confession

    IC: I like someone who is already in a relationship...I know it's wrong, so I'm just going to cut my losses and stay focus on the bakery.
  13. Chante Ateara

    Make-up Lessons

    Chante Ateara Hufflepuff, 6th Year Lessons 1-4 Lesson 1 Chante made her way to her very first Charms lesson for the year. She ambitious about doing much better in this class than her previous years. She enters the classroom with a small little treat for Professor Haden, it was one of the...
  14. Chante Ateara

    Mate, Date or SLATE

    Mate...quietly slate...
  15. Chante Ateara

    Playing Certain Characters

    Lovely input you two! :wub: Arle: It's funny how you say that about Baron, when Jenna is the one becoming a little obsessive and a little cruel. :r She at the moment egging Diana and Shane on to get revenge on two other individuals. I don't know what's happening there, but I like to see where...
  16. Chante Ateara

    Perfect Match

    ^ Yes YOU ARRRRE. James x Angel Castillo.
  17. Chante Ateara

    Perfect Match

    I know Dani x Damien 4 evas, but Dani x Link Potter sounds interesting.
  18. Chante Ateara

    Mate, Date or SLATE

    Slate, stranger danger!!
  19. Chante Ateara

    Make Up Work: Y34

    Name: Chante Ateara Year & House: Hufflepuff Sixth Year Lesson Missed: 4 Chante came to another HoM lesson with her notebook already open before the class even began. She was brainstorming new ideas for baked goods for the next table hosting event she will be having some time shortly. She...
  20. Chante Ateara

    Make Up Work: Y34

    Name: Chante Ateara Year & House: Hufflepuff Sixth Year Lesson Missed: 1, 2, + 3 Chante came to her first History of Magic lesson with Professor Ward for the year. She enters the classroom smiling brightly and gave him a sorting hat cupcake that she sold at her very first bake sale. “Hello...