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  1. Zachariah Ezekiel King

    Open When Things Don't Work Out

    Zachariah hadn't been having the best of times. Sure his work was... "Average"... but that wasn't what he wanted. It only served to make him a lot more frustrated. Besides the harboring dislike of not being able to join the quidditch team. He just didn't feel like himself and he didn't know how...
  2. Zachariah Ezekiel King

    Closed Just Be Clam

    Classes had started and Zachariah had found himself with more time on his hands than he would like. With a sigh he made his way out of the castle. He had a book in one hand and some sweet treats in the other. He walked quite a ways distance from the castle and sat down. Opening his chocolate fog...
  3. Zachariah Ezekiel King

    Closed Who Asked You

    Zachariah had been walking around thinking. He found himself down by the lake. An idle rock was by his foot. He picked it up and threw it over the water watching as it bounced a few times. "This is just so stupid," Zachariah mumbled to himself. He had gone to the pitch even though he knew he...
  4. Zachariah Ezekiel King

    Closed Open Space New Face

    Zachariah had decided he had enough of being inside. Besides being inside he was sure to get into a fight with his sister since he stole her cat. He grinned at the thought of how frantic she would be. The cat was trapped in his arms as he walked towards a tree far from the doors. He pulled out a...
  5. Zachariah Ezekiel King

    What a Pain

    Zachariah found that shopping was as boring as he always believed it to be. He was slowly getting annoyed but he needed his supplies for Hogwarts. "Couldn't we have a bladdy elf do this trivial task." Zachariah grunted out to himself. His usual bored demeaner was in full swing. This time it...
  6. Zachariah Ezekiel King

    Zachariah Ezekiel King

    Basics: Name: Zachariah Ezekiel King Birthdate: October 31st, 2043 Blood status: Pure-blood Appearance: Usually dressed smartly. Hair: Jet Black, Slightly Curly, Short Eyes: Green/Hazel Height: 4.7 (145 cm) Style: Prefers to always be well dressed, but has an assortment of rings, necklaces...
  7. Zachariah Ezekiel King

    Zachariah's Request

    Name: Zachariah Ezekiel King Play by: Milo Manheim Text on Banner: Zachariah Zeke K Colour Scheme: Anything is okay Image Options: Additional Information: Could I request that one of the top three combination of pictures be used. I would like the "Background" image to be somewhat transparent.