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  1. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Returning Home

    Onyx had never had time drag on so slowly in his entire life. This was without a doubt the worst idea he’d ever had. Sure, objectively, he and Sapphire had gone on this beautiful, breathtaking adventure. But his heart had just never been in it. So when Sapphire had announced they had finished...
  2. Onyx Derouin

    Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Thing

    Onyx felt sick. He knew he had agreed to this, and that Sapph needed his help. But he was nervous. He hated leaving Jamie for a week, much less six months. He had his bag ready, and he was being a bit clingy. He had been basically attached to Jamie for days now, whining anytime they had to be...
  3. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Unsure

    Onyx's head was spinning. He had always thought there was never anything Sapphire could ask of him that he wouldn't do. But this- this was such an intense request. And especially now. How could he say yes? How could he say no? He'd met with her for breakfast and he'd been wondering around the...
  4. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Decisions

    Onyx was starting to get frustrated. He knew that Jamie wanted to do more house viewings, but Onyx had been doing his best to avoid it. Jamie was always working hard at Quidditch practices, Onyx wanted him to rest at home, and let Onyx feed him and rub his back, not have Jamie running all over...
  5. Onyx Derouin

    Onyx Michaels

    Character name: Onyx Michaels Play-by: Andy Biersack Photos: 1, 2, 3 Text on Banner: Day by Day Colour Scheme: Blues and blacks, something darker with maybe a bit of light
  6. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Moving Forward With You

    It had been two days since Onyx had proposed to Jamie. He'd slept early that first night, absolutely worn out. Jamie had left early the next morning for a practice that had lasted most of the day, but they had been up fairly late last night. There hadn't been much talking, but he didn't mind so...
  7. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Check ups

    Onyx was really starting to feel like his life was starting to get back together. He had Jamie, he had a good place to live. He felt like his memories had mostly come back. He stepped out of St. Mungo's, feeling better after his latest check up had gone well. He found a nice bench, sitting down...
  8. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Hold On

    Its was a little past five am for Onyx. The entire house was asleep. Except for him. He'd been tossing and turning all night, barely sleeping. He just felt so... So restless. He knew what he was craving, what he wanted, but he had been afraid to ask. It had been three weeks since the Graduation...
  9. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Opening Up

    Onyx felt a little bit better being back in his own room. He'd had to wash the makeup from his face before slipping into comfy pajamas, forgetting that it was Jamie's shirt he'd conveniently forgotten to return and a pair of sweats. Before long, though, they were curled up in Onyx's bed, the...
  10. Onyx Derouin


    Onyx was terrible at keeping secrets, he really was. But this was a secret of his own. Really, it should have made it easier. He snuck out of the house, the case slung on his back, and within fifteen minutes he'd come across a nice, hidden spot on the outskirts of town. A little part of Onyx...
  11. Onyx Derouin

    Closed The Start of Something

    Onyx was nervous. He couldn't remember ever being this nervous for anything. He spent nearly an hour showering, scrubbing himself clean, washing his hair. He spent another hour wrapped in a towel, carefully styling his hair, doing his eyeliner. He added a light coating of a darker eye shadow...
  12. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Pronunciation

    Onyx was sitting comfortably at a small bistro in the heart of Paris, tucked away in a corner by the window in one of the little tables outside. The crowds around him surged and flowed with no heed to the former Gryffindor. He had a cooling pastry in front of him and a tepid cup of tea next to...
  13. Onyx Derouin

    Closed In the Clouds

    Onyx was cold, he was wet, and his favorite jacket was covered in mud. He was almost sure there would be mucus on his calf from that nasty frog that had tried to climb him. But none of that mattered. He appeared in his bedroom with a pop, and couldn't help but fall immediately against the...
  14. Onyx Derouin

    Closed A Night Out

    Onyx was beyond nervous. He didn't know if he needed to dress up or dress down, and eventually his uncle kicked him out of the house anyway. It was a little weird to Onyx, knowing that at home it was ten in the morning, only to arrive to a very dark Paris. He felt like a brat, he'd been so...
  15. Onyx Derouin


    Character name: Onyx Michaels Play-by: Andy Black (There are like ten different stages of Andy Biersack, Onyx is at the Andy Black stage) Photos: 1, 2, 3 Text on Banner: Remember Me Colour Scheme: Blue, preferably. Kinda melancholy, sad. Maybe a water aesthetic
  16. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Letters Home

    Two weeks. It had been two weeks since Onyx had spent a morning with Jamie. If he was being honest he was considering the entire thing more and more a dream every day. Jamie hadn't written him, called him. Onyx had nothing but the faint aching of forgotten wishes in his heart and a stupid hope...
  17. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Fresh Starts

    Onyx was not thrilled about the idea of having a new therapist. What was the point? He knew his uncle just meant well, but after the last one Onyx was just done with the whole lot of them. He had been sulking around all morning, alternating between hanging with his head over the end of his bed...
  18. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Too Much to Drink

    Onyx was miserable. The more he remembered, the less he wanted to. And with the revelation that Isla had lied to him, it had broken his heart. He had jumped on the chance to go to France with his uncle. He had to get away from everything. Everyone. At least, it had seemed like a good idea. But...
  19. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Don't Leave Me

    Onyx was sleepy. Sapphire and Uncle James had gone to get her head checked again- one last checkup before she was released. They wanted to keep him here for a few days for observation. He sighed, running a hand through his hair again before stopping. Right, his hair. His beautiful hair. He...
  20. Onyx Derouin

    Closed Unwanted

    Onyx was absolutely miserable. Even after talking to Isla, he felt... unlovable. He had moved down to the dungeons, knees pulled up to his chest, staring blankly at a stone across the hall. His sapphire eyes still shimmered with unshed tears. They always were anymore. He probably looked...