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  1. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Open Yellow Twirls

    If there was one thing Ivelisse didn't like it was others making choices for her. Yet here she was, walking into the great hall in a dress that she hadn't even picked out herself. Her sister had bought it to wear but it ended up no fitting her and for whatever reason Ive had let her convince her...
  2. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Open Painful Disappointment

    After failing to convince the referee that she could still play Ivelisse had reluctantly let one of the nurses guide her back to the hospital wing. She had wondered for a second if she could negotiate with them to let her at least watch the remainder of the match before she realized she didn't...
  3. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Closed Risking It All

    With Ruben gone Ivelisse didn't find it surprising that the new captains had decided to take her on as seeker. She had done well last year and she was sure she could continue developer her skills and become the best seeker at the school. Sure, she was young and there were some older seekers...
  4. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Closed Sunny Stories

    By now, being at school didn't feel a whole lot different from being at home for Ivelisse. Her sister was here, her father was here. Just like they were when she was at home. And they were exactly the same. Her sister was as happy and bubbly as ever and her father spend most of his time looking...
  5. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Open About Time

    Sneaking into the forest had been something that had been on Ivelisse's mind ever since it was specifically mentioned that they shouldn't in their first year, yet she had never gotten around to it. She would've preferred to head in with someone else so that if they did somehow get caught, which...
  6. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Ivelisse Request

    Character name: Ivelisse Burleigh Play-by: Aisha Dee Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (hope any of these work lol) Text on Banner: Ivelisse Burleigh Colour Scheme: anything you want! Additonal info: thank you :wub:
  7. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Closed Some Friendly Competition

    Ivelisse had been excited to see her dad again during the break after spending christmas at school. She had never been away from him that long and whilst she didn't get homesick or anything since there was way too much to do at hogwarts, it had still been nice to see him. Especially with...
  8. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Open Fountains Of Fun

    After the yule ball Ivelisse was keen to see what the school would do for the valentine's dance. Surely, they had to go all out. She had been trying to imagine it all day, thinking there probably would be a whole lot of pink, red and white. The main question on her mind was whether the evening...
  9. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Banner for Ivelisse

    Character name: Ivelisse Burleigh Play-by: Aisha Dee Photos: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine (or anything else if none of these work) Text on Banner: Ivelisse Burleigh Colour Scheme: anything you like! Additonal info: thank you :wub:
  10. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Closed Common Ground

    So far, Ivelisse had rather enjoyed her first couple of days at the school. Sure, things with the girls in her dorm weren't going as smoothly as she had hoped they would but that wasn't her fault. She wasn't the one whining about not having windows or creating problems before there had even been...
  11. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Closed Plans, Plans, Plans

    Ivelisse loved being active, loved doing things, loves sports. Specifically competitive sports. Sports at which she could prove herself, show everyone how good she was. Needless to say that as soon as her dad and sister had mentioned playing quidditch at hogwarts her interest had been piqued. It...
  12. Ivelisse Burleigh

    Ivelisse Valentina Burleigh

    IVELISSE VALENTINA BURLEIGH FULL NAME Ivelisse Valentine Burleigh. PRONOUNCIATION Ivelisse being pronounced as EE-vuh-lis and Valentine being pronounced as va-lin-TEE-na [ˌvaːlɛnˈtiːna]. MEANING Ivelisse form Spanish meaning ‘life’. Valentina from Latin origin meaning ‘strong, healthy’...