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  1. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Open WPC - Plant What You Like

    Rose loved the wild patch events not only did she like to be outside and be busy with nature she also loved the people that attended the events. Most people had similar interests and so it was easier to make some new friends. She arrived at the event and took a seat on the grass. When Rose heard...
  2. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Head People and Prefects

    Name: Rosemarie Chatwin House: Hufflepuff
  3. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Wild Patch

    Name: Rosemarie Chatwin House: Hufflepuff
  4. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Fifth Years

    Name: Rosemarie Chatwin House: Hufflepuff
  5. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Secret Santa 2021: Gifts Incoming!

    Ahhhh I love it so much Kris. I didn't know I needed that until now <3
  6. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Happy Birthday Daphne!!!!!

    Happy Birthdaayy!! En fijne vakantie :D
  7. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Transfiguration 5:3

    Rose had loved the Halloween event. Her costume had proved to be impossible, but she had a lot of fun with Oscar. Next year they should go for a more wearable costume. Week three was here and Rose felt the pressure of her OWLS coming near. Although she still had a long way to go, it felt weird...
  8. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Closed After the Feast

    Rose was glad her costume was easy to remove. Although it looked like nothing afterwards. She would probably blend into a green screen now. Rose got rid of the plant bit and now she was just wearing a figure hugging green suit. Rose smiled and looked at Oscar. She seated next to him on the...
  9. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Transfiguration 5:2

    Time at Hogwarts always felt like it went by way faster than in the muggle world. Weeks went by very fast and Rose didn’t know when she had time to catch up and take a breather. She had a bunch of classes this semester and that also meant a lot of OWLS. She hadn’t realised that she was going to...
  10. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Closed The Fly and the Trap

    Rose knew that her costume had been somewhat impossible to do anything in. She barely saw anything that happened in front of her and her hands were semi filled with Edgar. At least she had one hand free, she other was holding Edgar firmly. Her sight was terrible ''Lets save the sweets and ill...
  11. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Closed The Fly and the Trap

    Rose grinned and looked around. They sure received some silly looks here and there, but Rose didn't mind. If someone was going to be rude, she would stuff her prefect badge in the persons face. ''No clue'' Rose replied through the thick mesh of the fly trap suit. ''People will probably do the...
  12. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Closed The Fly and the Trap

    Rose thought their matching costumes were ridiculously funny. She and Oscar had taken great care to make sure every detail matched. She in her big fly trap costume he in his fly one. It suited their personalities perfectly as well. Both ridiculously interested in plants. Rose grinned she held...
  13. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Y40 Costume Contest

    Rosemarie as a Venus Fly Trap with Oscar Davies
  14. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Transfiguration 5:1

    The new responsibility felt weird to Rose. She was a prefect now and that meant she actually had to do stuff outside her regular things. She barely had time last year and Rose wondered how much time her prefect duties would require. Rose grabbed her trusty old zebra plant and packed her bag...
  15. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Graphic Request

    Thanks so much!! I love it
  16. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Closed Lunch Break

    It felt weird being a prefect now. A shiny big 'P'' was pinned on her robes and it almost felt like others were looking up to her. She had responsibilities now which felt extremely weird. She was currently eating with her succulent right next to her. She was disrupted when Oscar came to say...
  17. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Happy birthday Emzies!

    Happy Birthday!!
  18. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Open Y39 End of Year Feast!

    Rose smiled they had both been top point earner now, not that Rose actively went for it anymore. She had purposely shaved on the amount of subjects she followed. Astronomy was awfully boring and Defense Against the Dark Arts wasn't possible with Professor Styx as a Professor. Maybe now he had...
  19. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Graphic Request

    Hello! :D Name: Rosemarie Chatwin Play-By: Shailene Woodley Text on Banner: Rosemarie Chatwin Colour Scheme: Greens, Nature. Can you include Edgar her succulent? Its a Haworthia fasciata or Zebraplant Image Options: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Additional Information: Thanks so much! 🌵
  20. Rosemarie Chatwin

    Open Y39 End of Year Feast!

    Rose was sad that another year had passed. It all had gone so quickly and Rose never seemed to be able to enjoy it all. There were so many uncertainties and things left open that Rose wondered if there was a way you could do it all in a year. Estella got top point earner and Rose cheered her...