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  1. Amy Rosemary

    Closed The Most Important Day

    It was the biggest day for her twin brother Dan, and her friend Charlotte. Amy was pretty sure that she could not hide her excitement, even though she was older and had one, almost two, children of her own. When it came to tings like these that concerned her closest relatives the woman could not...
  2. Amy Rosemary

    We're back!

    Thanks for your hard work! I just logged in and saw the new features and I am sure I'll get used to it soon enough! :wub: It's good to know hnz has changed forum for the better :)
  3. Amy Rosemary

    All I need is love

    Ooh yes that would be good lol. I can start that ASAP. I mean, I’m going on holiday on Friday so I’ll be a little slow for about 10 days anyway so take your time :p
  4. Amy Rosemary

    All I need is love

    Ooh yes! I think they’ll be cute xD So how about I start Sara x Gabriel, and you start Charlotte x Kaimana? Do you have ideas for what they could be doing?
  5. Amy Rosemary

    All I need is love

    Hey Jamie! :) I have a couple to offer. For Gabriel, I have Sara. They’re both on their respective house Quidditch teams and I think it would be fun to rp them both when practicing Quidditch and in the castle. If you'd like I can offer her as a love interest for him, as well? I know we talked...
  6. Amy Rosemary

    GDPR & HNZ

    I've been receiving notifications from apps too. It's literally everywhere =))
  7. Amy Rosemary

    Graduation 2046

    Amy almost couldn't believe it. She was graduating, finishing her school career. The last seven years of her life had been wonderful, she had grown up with the best people she could be surrounded by and she sincerely hoped they would stay in touch after school. She was feeling a mix of emotions...
  8. Amy Rosemary

    Y30 Dueling Tournament

    Sara Benivieni - Third Year Leo Benivieni - Sixth Year
  9. Amy Rosemary

    The Bi-Weekly Update

    Thanks for the update Nick! Need to highlight more plots :r
  10. Amy Rosemary

    Get to know you!

    I have literally done tests where I’ve been a mix of all houses. Once I did one where it gave me the percentages of all houses and I remember Gryffindor being last (I can’t remember the order of the others exactly but two were the exact same percentage). Basically when I was younger I was a...
  11. Amy Rosemary

    Valentine's Werewolf

    This game was fun! Well done to the village :party: Hehe. Flonf.
  12. Amy Rosemary

    Perfect Match

    I'm not sure if this has been said before, but Odette and Harley :r
  13. Amy Rosemary

    Flower Delivery & Sign Up

    Flower Delivery sign up: 1. Thaddeus Miller 2. Tomas Wode 3. Kira Wolf 4. Rose Holland 5. Diana Holland 6. Elizabeth Chatwin 7. Lenore Harvelle 8. Geo Volt 9. Maggie Ryan Rosendale 10. Lavinia Benivieni 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Flower Delivery sign up: 1. Thaddeus Miller 2. Tomas Wode 3. Kira...
  14. Amy Rosemary

    What are you listening to?

    Homemade Dynamite - Lorde
  15. Amy Rosemary

    Happy Birthday Stacey!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND :party: :woot: I hope you have the best day ever, eat lots of cake for me ;) :hugs:
  16. Amy Rosemary

    Valentine's Werewolf

    Omg xD I don't know honestly who to vote for at this point in the game, but I'm also not willing to just skip voting and then another villager/innocent player is killed by a wolf. I also might have been reading everyone's posts too quickly :p
  17. Amy Rosemary

    Valentine's Werewolf

    Agreed, losing two in one night?! But, I haven't posted a proper post yet because I forgot about the game and checking the thread to see if it was day yet. So the fact that Dan hasn't posted much is a little suspicious but at the same time I can sort of understand. Is there anything that was...
  18. Amy Rosemary

    Valentine's Werewolf

    Oi. Not a good start, no. The first day is always hard though, so I don't want to point fingers at anyone yet either xD
  19. Amy Rosemary

    Valentine's Werewolf

    Woah almost forgot about this :r Sign Up's: 1. Aurora Night 2. Professor Katherine Alicasell 3. Professor Monty Pendleton 4. Lauryn Woodlock 5. Daisy Parker 6. Oliver Foy 7. Amber Chou Wilson 8. Stefan Archer 9. James Cade 10. Professor Patricia Styx 11. Ainsley Lynch 12. Zennon Baros 13. Amy...
  20. Amy Rosemary

    Until the weekend

    Good luck with everything Cyndi, hope you have a good week! Take care :)