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    2019 OOC Superlatives Winners!

    I swear every year I always get most gullible xD Congratulations to everyone :party:
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    Happy Birthday Kaye!!! 🎉🎂

    Yaaay, thanks guys! I'm finally an adult :D I had a really good day today. I went to a cat cafe for the first time and it was awesome :woot: :wub: And tomorrow I'm going out of state to my first ever concert. Thank you all again for the birthday wishes :wub: :party:
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    Community Signature

    Can someone please add Kaye in a yellow colour? :wub:
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    New Language Settings

    Please tell me this is a joke because I cannot cope and this is making me feel so overwhelmed.
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    Welcome to Hufflepuff!

    Welcome to Hufflepuff!
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    Hey, welcome to the board! I'm Kaye :wub: It's really nice to meet you. If you ever want to plot or RP together feel free to poke me :D If you like Harry Potter then I'm sure you'll like it here!
  7. Professor Landon Carter

    Planning the future!

    As Georgiana spoke about her father, Landon couldn't help but frown at the fact he was so against his children having magical powers. He would never know how it felt to be in Georgiana's position and to have a father who simply couldn't accept who he was. It was probably a reason why wizards...
  8. Professor Landon Carter

    Planning the future!

    As Georgiana said she would like some coffee, Landon began making it straight away, putting away the glasses and grabbing two mugs from the shelf so he could also make one for himself. He chuckled slightly at her teasing. He liked that side of her and how they could be so laid-back with each...
  9. Professor Landon Carter

    Closed Staff Secret Santa

    Landon was excited that Aspen would dance with him next time. The man enjoyed partying during the right occasions and he could not wait. As the muggle studies professor approached Aspen to give her a present, Landon nodded a goodbye to her as he turned around to continue looking for Jodie...
  10. Professor Landon Carter

    Planning the future!

    Landon could not believe that he was getting married to Georgiana. It was definitely a big milestone in their relationship and the man was extremely happy to say that she was going to be his wife. But with the wedding came lots of planning and Landon knew that just like any bride to be...
  11. Professor Landon Carter

    Closed Staff Secret Santa

    Landon wasn't sure why he was nervous for the Christmas celebrations at Hogwarts. He had always enjoyed the Yule Ball and seeing everyone get dressed up, but this year he managed to get himself involved in the Secret Santa among the staff, and Landon was unsure how it was going to turn out. He...
  12. Professor Landon Carter

    Closed A Perfect Picnic

    Landon chuckled slightly as Georgiana teased. "Of course I will." he said with a smile. He loved to see her in his spare time and he also felt obligated to, so he would make it his first priority. He knew work would be hard but he was confident he could juggle all of it. He watched as Georgiana...
  13. Professor Landon Carter

    Open A Friendly Breakfast

    Landon loved it when his colleagues were happy to continue a conversation with him. He needed to make more friends, and it seemed that talking to someone at the breakfast table was a good way to do it. "The house elves are amazing! I sure hope they get paid enough. Slavery should not be condoned...
  14. Professor Landon Carter

    Closed A Perfect Picnic

    Landon was happy that Georgiana liked his news as he couldn't help but be proud of himself. It was going to mean more work for the man but the thought of that didn't bother him at all. He would allocate time to parts of his life, and he would still make sure to see Georgiana as often as...
  15. Professor Landon Carter

    Closed A Perfect Picnic

    As Georgiana made a toast, Landon happily went along with it, clinking his glass onto hers and taking a sip from it. She had always been an interesting and bubbly person to Landon and he was happy to have her in his life and to hopefully always be in his life. He took her hand and moved closer...
  16. Professor Landon Carter

    Open A Friendly Breakfast

    *Open after Jasmine Landon was happy to be back at Hogwarts for a brand new semester. The first week of classes had gone well and Landon was confident that he would have a good year with all of his students. One thing he missed about Hogwarts was always the food and Landon was excited to make...
  17. Professor Landon Carter

    Professor's Meeting 2047

    Landon had quite a relaxed break from teaching and was more than ready to come back for another year, especially now that he had a bigger responsibility on his shoulders with the addition of teaching three more years. The man was excited for it however and walked into the professor's common room...
  18. Professor Landon Carter

    Closed A Perfect Picnic

    As Landon noticed someone coming up behind him he felt butterflies in his stomach when he realised it was Georgiana and she hugged him from behind. Even after a few years she still managed to give him butterflies and the thought of this made him slightly embarrassed. He was a grown man yet he...
  19. Professor Landon Carter

    Closed A Perfect Picnic

    Landon was very excited and also nervous for his next date with Georgiana. The pair of them had been going on many dates for the past couple of years, but Landon was feeling especially nervous for this one because he wanted it to be special. He enjoyed the last dates that they had been on and he...
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    Bi-Weekly Update

    Thanks for the update! I'm looking super forward to this year :D Congratulations to the new prefects and the Head Boy and Girl, and congratulations to the new professors :party: :wub: