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  1. Blake Irons

    Closed Put To The Test

    With the school year ending, Blake still couldn't quite believe he had already been at Hogwarts for almost two years. He was nearly a teenager, and there was something undeniably cool about that. Next year he'd be coming back to school as a teenager, properly one of the older students at last...
  2. Blake Irons

    Open Reckless

    Blake hadn't let on to anyone else, but he was angry. Once again the Quidditch captain had failed to see his talent, and he was stuck playing second string to some girl. It was hard, going from the star of his hockey team back home to a nobody on his new team. Blake was determined to make his...
  3. Blake Irons

    Closed Christmas Bros

    Dances weren't really Blake's scene, but any opportunity to hang out with his best bros was a good one. They had gotten separated from Jasper somehow in the business of the corridors, but Blake had managed to make it to the ball with Tyler, and that still sounded like a pretty good time to him...
  4. Blake Irons

    Closed Headfirst

    It was totally unfair that Blake hadn't gotten to play in Slytherin's Quidditch match at ALL this semester. Yeah he was young, but Blake knew he had what it took. If he had been playing, there was no way Hufflepuff would have won. Blake was determined to make sure that when he got a chance to...
  5. Blake Irons

    Blake Irons

    The Basics Name: Blake Christopher Irons Meaning: Blake – Fair skinned, Christopher – Carrier of Christ Birthdate: 1/8/2036 Zodiac: Leo Strengths: Confident – Ambitious – Generous – Loyal - Encouraging Weaknesses: Pretentious – Domineering – Melodramatic – Stubborn - Vain As a Leo born on August...