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  1. Onyx Michaels

    Not the Twin You're Looking For (Continued)

    (Continued from here) Onyx chuckled at the look on Frankie's face, though he'd tried to hide it well. He laughed at Frankie's comment about reputations. "Look, I owe you dinner- again. After that mess with Strangeways... Specially after I pushed to get them together," He winced. "Well, anyway...
  2. Onyx Michaels

    Closed Not the Twin You're Looking For

    Onyx had been enjoying himself so far today. Things were going well, and he'd even gotten a few items from the prank shop for Sapphire. He took a seat on a somewhat out of the way bench, leaning forward and resting his arms on his legs. He tapped a beat with his foot, deciding it was probably...
  3. Onyx Michaels

    Closed To the Beat

    Onyx was enjoying the school year so far. Quidditch was going well, with the next game coming up before too long. He didn't expect to make it into play, but it would be a fun experience anyway. Sapphire was off moping somewhere, and he'd given up on trying to get her to tell him why. Maybe she...
  4. Onyx Michaels

    Open New Year

    Onyx was eager for the new school year. Things were going great for him. Sapphire had finally come to live with him, and she had brought along the most adorable little boy he'd ever met. Onyx missed Jordie already and hoped him and uncle James were having a good time without the twins there. He...
  5. Onyx Michaels

    Closed Tell Me the Truth

    Onyx was having a bad day. He was tired of seeing all the roses and love everywhere. After a full day of waiting for a rose that didn't come, he was torn. He hadn't really thought about it when Jacob hadn't asked him to the Yule ball. But now that he hadn't been asked to the Valentine's dance...
  6. Onyx Michaels

    Closed Surprise Party

    It had taken a lot to get this put together. They'd even had to postpone the party itself to keep Sapphire from being suspicious. But after careful planning, he and Kira had done it. They had the abandoned classroom ready. Everyone was here. All the old desks and chairs had been pushed out of...
  7. Onyx Michaels

    After Her Heart

    Onyx and Kira had finally come to one conclusion. After the way Sapphire had reacted to that Kneazle in Care of Magical Creatures, there was only one choice. He made his way to Professor Summers office after breakfast Saturday morning. Hopefully the man was there, and hopefully he'd be willing...
  8. Onyx Michaels

    Closed A Moment Alone

    Onyx hummed to himself as he came into the park. He'd really enjoyed his school year so far. Good friends, things were great with his sister, classes were decent. He wandered through the trees, staying near the path but not on it. It was quiet times like these when his thoughts drifted to his...
  9. Onyx Michaels

    This Time It's A Date

    After checking on his sister in the dungeons, Onyx waited nervously at the door to the Great Hall for Jacob to arrive. Yeah, he could have gotten all dressed up and looked fabulous like he had for the Yule Ball, but this time... Onyx had chosen to wear something much simpler. He wasn't looking...
  10. Onyx Michaels

    The Raven with Yellow Feathers

    Once Alexis had left, Onyx took a look at his list and couldn't help but laugh. He should have checked sooner, he needed another Ravenclaw. He leaned against the wall nearby. Ava would come scurrying down sooner or later and he could just ask her to fetch Miss Marsh for him. It wasn't Ava that...
  11. Onyx Michaels

    The Raven Turns Pink

    Onyx was happy to see a Ravenclaw on his list. He made his way up to the towers, stopping Avaria before she returned to her common room. "Ava, darling, be a doll and run in for me, would you? I have a rose for Alexis Sage Kramer. Do you know her?" She smiled up at him with her big blue eyes and...
  12. Onyx Michaels

    Yellow is the Loveliest Color

    Once again Onyx found himself in the Hufflepuff hall. He really should be smarter about this. Making a mental note for next year, he checked the name on his list. "Excuse me?" He called loudly. "Is the lovely lady Therese Rosenberg here?"
  13. Onyx Michaels

    Loving You is Red

    Onyx was just all Hufflepuffs and Slytherins. Didn't Gryffindors need love too? Or Ravenclaws? He made his way out of the castle, having asked around enough to have a vague idea of who he was looking for. "Exscuse me, is Vivian Brackenstall out here? The handsome devil has a secret admirer." He...
  14. Onyx Michaels

    An Amber Rose

    The next name on Onyx's list was vaguely familiar. Following a hunch, he made his way to the Hufflepuff hall. He stood at the end, glancing through the students. Not immediately seeing someone who popped out as an 'Amber', Onyx cleared his throat and called out loudly, "Might I have a moment of...
  15. Onyx Michaels

    Beautiful Rose for a Beautiful Girl

    Onyx had just finished his delivery to Charlotte when he spotted the next person on his list. His sister had been very informative, and it had surprised him the number of Slytherins on his list. He hurried over to the older girl. "Excuse me, Fleur?" He began, giving her his most charming...
  16. Onyx Michaels

    Yellow Like Your Golden Hair

    Onyx had been looking for something to do, and he couldn't resist the chance to deliver beautiful flowers to beautiful people. The first name on his list was elegant, and he wondered if the girl would fit the name. He made his way to the dungeons. After running into his sister, he'd found he was...
  17. Onyx Michaels

    There You Are!

    Onyx was eager to be back. Not for the classes, or even his sister. Okay, partly for his sister. But there was another part of him that had missed one boy in particular. Trying to keep the peace between him and Sapphire, though, had kept Onyx from seeking him out sooner. He tried to find ways to...
  18. Onyx Michaels

    Holiday Fling

    So onyx is a bit of a player. He's frustrated with his life and I need some sort of romance. Nothing major, maybe some heavy flirting and some kissing, whatever works. He's completely gay but he appreciates a pretty girl. Anyone have anything for a holiday fling?
  19. Onyx Michaels


    So Onyx had been a jerk. He sat alone in the empty student lounge, attempting to play a game of Wizards Chess. He wasn't in the best mood. He wasn't very good at this game. Maybe if he hadn't stuck his foot in his mouth his sister would be here showing him how to play. As it was he doubted she...
  20. Onyx Michaels

    Sibling Squabble

    Onyx had had enough. He had been trying his hardest all year to make his sister accept him, and here they were in December with hardly any progress to show for it. What made it worse was that he'd been attempting to catch his sister since Brightstone weekend, but she was never around. Every time...