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  1. Geovanna Volt

    Closed We’ll always be team yellow

    Geo had barely slept at all since finding out that she’d been invited to Austin’s graduation. She knew working in Scotland was the best thing for her career and the experience she was gaining in the country would be prove useful, but that didn’t mean she didn’t miss her friends more than...
  2. Geovanna Volt

    Open Work Experience

    The sixth year Hufflepuff, who's blonde hair poured down her back like a waterfall as she sat hunched over her book, head in her hands and eyes closed softly. She'd lost count of how long she'd been sat in the student lounge, reading her text books over and over in the hopes of the words...
  3. Geovanna Volt

    Happy Birthday Madz!!

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a lovely day :wub::D :party:
  4. Geovanna Volt

    Happy Birthday Annaleise!!

    :wub:^_^ :party: I hope you have the best day you wonderful person you!! :wub:^_^ :party:
  5. Geovanna Volt

    Closed Is my moment now here?

    Two years ago, Geo found herself in a similar position as she was now, stood behind the door to Professor Styx's office and waiting to be allowed in after a knock. The difference however was that she was a little older and with her fifth year ahead her, more ready than she was before. She'd not...
  6. Geovanna Volt

    Closed Right on time

    Just as predicted, the sharp crack of thunder burst out from the toy she'd hidden amongst the food, and Geo sniggered at the Hufflepuff table as she tried to keep a straight face as the students around began glancing around in confusion at the noise.
  7. Geovanna Volt

    Old School Week Make the most of it

    It was early and Geo wanted to be outside, so putting on her coat she headed across the Courtyard.
  8. Geovanna Volt

    Old School Week Just another day

    Geo ran into the forest. She fainted.
  9. Geovanna Volt

    A returning floater

    Hey all! As some of you may be aware, back in June I had a lot going on, and while I still do I feel like I can finally lurk the site a bit more. I don't think I will be as active as I was this time last year, but I definitely want to be around more than I've been in recent months. I think this...
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    Happy Birthday Jessica!

    Happy Birthday Jessica!! Hope you have a lovely day :woot: :wub:
  11. Geovanna Volt

    Bit of everything

    Hey everyone! I have four characters that need a few things to help them with their development if you're interested.</SIZE></FONT> Geovanna Volt Hufflepuff Fourth Year Needs: Younger students to help Geo is my main HNZ character and a Metamorphmagus, who grew up in South East England...
  12. Geovanna Volt

    Happy Birthday Lovi!!

    Hope you have a lovely day! :wub: :woot: :party: :party:
  13. Geovanna Volt

    Keep on going

    Looking out across the mountains that surrounded the school, the cool breeze ran through her hair as Geo sat out at the highest point of the castle, she was contemplating a topic she'd barely let her mind fall on until now. Classes and her activities had taken up at large portion of her time as...
  14. Geovanna Volt

    A different kind of firework

    Geovanna was angry, angry that she'd ever let anyone get as close to her at the school as she had allowed Jess and Leila to. Riley had been different, she'd been a girl she'd grown up with like a sister since they were just a couple of years old, and despite being now in separate schools the...
  15. Geovanna Volt

    Trying something new

    After the summer that Geo had had, she'd been nervous to return to the school and come face to face with a number of people. She didn't know where she stood, and she didn't know whether she could make things better. Over the years, the fourth year had gone through multiple developments with...
  16. Geovanna Volt

    Room to Grow

    Geo felt as though she had hit a milestone with the beginning of the new semester, and the new year. After doing her best for the last three years, she was even more determined than before to make sure that her future was set on the straight path, and nothing was going to stop her from sliding...
  17. Geovanna Volt

    Happy Birthday Claire!!!!

    [center] Hope you have the loveliest 21st birthday!!! :wub: SEE YOU LATERRR :woot:
  18. Geovanna Volt

    Sisterly Love

    Geo had been excited to see a familiar name on her list of rose deliveries, and had eagerly headed up to the seventh floor in the hopes of either finding her best friends sister on her way to or from the common room, or nearby the Heta Omega meeting room. Although in the last year or so she'd...
  19. Geovanna Volt

    Hey, you have at least one friend!

    If Professor Kingsley was anyone to go by, the next person on Geo's list of rose deliveries would be pleasant and meeting the student would be smooth in theory. The Hufflepuff had never spoken to any of the Kingsley children, although never one to shy away from making new friends outside of her...
  20. Geovanna Volt

    For one and not the other

    Some kids were creepy. Geo knew that. She also knew that the Westwick twins seem to win points for the levels of enthusiasm that they gave the subject, and while others may have searched for them in the Great Hall or up near the common room, the third year thought her best bet was likely to be...