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  1. Amaya Michaels

    Open Happy Birthday to Me

    Amaya wouldn't admit that she was at the dance hoping to see someone. At least, she wouldn't admit who she was looking for. She was surprised with herself, but she had never been much other than honest. And to be honest, she really liked Kace. He was younger than her but she couldn't help but be...
  2. Amaya Michaels

    Closed Running Into You

    Amaya was having an interesting semester- kinda. From an odd encounter with William to unexpectedly cheering up Abian, she was interacting more with others this semester. It wasn't entirely unpleasant. She just wasn't used to it. She was on her way to check in on her brother, lost in thought...
  3. Amaya Michaels


    Amaya was on her way up from the dungeons and on her way over to the Great Hall. It was early and she was cranky, wishing she could have slept in a bit more. But no, of course she couldn't, a couple of the girls in her dorm had been up all night giggling and it had driven her mad. She was so...
  4. Amaya Michaels

    Graphics Request [C]

    Banner Request Form Character's Name:Amaya Michaels Banner Type: Blend *Banner Size:Up to you Celebrity you're using: Bridget Rose Satterlee Images on banner: 123 *Background Image:something like this Text on banner: Don't Talk When Your Mouth is Full of Lies *Fonts on banner: whatever works...
  5. Amaya Michaels

    It's All In The Family

    Amaya didn't understand why all of this was necessary- they hadn't come to visit Uncle James and that weirdo Onyx in over a year, and she was happy about that. They had moved to Ireland where their mother lived and would be attending school at the other Hogwarts. They could probably go to the...
  6. Amaya Michaels

    Amaya Michaels

    Name: Amethyst “Amaya” Michaels Age: 10 Date of Birth: February 14, 2036 Astrological Sign: Aquarius Hair Color/Length: Long, dark blond. Eyes: Big brown eyes, full lashes Face: Soft heart, still a bit of baby fat, big ears under her hair, long nose Clothing Style: She likes to look good, but...