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  1. Victoria Havelock

    Sisterly Concern

  2. Victoria Havelock

    Dueling Match #5

    Current Points: 140 [hr]Victoria cast a shielding charm to block her spell and laughed, "A first year could case that spell," She ignored the girls jibe about missing out on captain, she would not rise. "Incarcerous,[hr] Action(s) Taken: Cast 2 spells Point Changes: -10 Points Remaining: 130
  3. Victoria Havelock

    Dueling Match #5

    Current Points: 150 [hr]Victoria stood in front of her opponent and bowed deeply to her before turning her back on her and head to her start point. The other girl was the first to shoot a spell at her, Victoria cast a shielding charm and raised her wand, "Stupefy,"[hr] Action(s) Taken: Cast 2...
  4. Victoria Havelock

    In need of plots for a loner

    They can bond over Liv :r
  5. Victoria Havelock

    Idiot's Choice

    Victoria was still angry after the game and her frustration with Reuben had bubbled over to the point that she had to know the reason he was appointed in the first place. So she would find out from the man who did it. She had to get new parchment three times after poking holes in each sheet from...
  6. Victoria Havelock

    Y27 Quidditch

    I take no responsibility for Victoria's actions.
  7. Victoria Havelock

    Y27 Quidditch

  8. Victoria Havelock

    Rate the avi

    10/10 Hate the character, love the avi :lol:
  9. Victoria Havelock

    Y27 Hufflepuff Quidditch Tryouts

    Victoria was livid. A fourth year had been named as captain and now the little snot nose kid was in charge of her. She grumbled as she made her way ibto the Quidditch pitch and gathered with her team. Lydia she would understand, the girl had been on the team since her first year, but Rueben...
  10. Victoria Havelock

    New Flame

    Victoria was a little nervous when she told the boy that she was muggle born, though for the most part people were rather tolerant about her upbringing, she did know there were certain sections of the student population that didn't want her kind muddying up their school. Thankfully, the...
  11. Victoria Havelock

    New Flame

    Victoria laughed when the boy muttered that he wasn't to know not to play with matches. Clearly the boy had a different upbringing to him, the pressence of a house elf at his home meant he was probably born and raised around magic which was a lot different to her own. The girl wasn't sure how he...
  12. Victoria Havelock

    New Flame

    Victoria sat back on the sofa and listened to the boy as he recounted the story of how he lost part of his eyebrow. Clearly the boy liked playing with fire and fancied himself a bit of a prankster. Victoria wasn't much for pranks but as long as he didn't prank her perhaps she could be friends...
  13. Victoria Havelock

    New Flame

    Victoria smirked at the boy, he clearly didn't care what he was doing was dangerous. It was an attitude she wasn't used to having a sister like Olivia who was always so careful about everything, it had always struck Victoria as a very boring way to live. She watched the boy as he placed another...
  14. Victoria Havelock

    Costume Contest

    Victoria Havelock as a cat.
  15. Victoria Havelock

    New Flame

    Victoria could only stand to stay in the common for so long most days but it was always worse at the beginning of the semester. Everyone was so happy to see each other and everyone was so happy and smiley it make her skin crawl. The girl made her way out of the common room and just went for a...
  16. Victoria Havelock

    Y26 Hufflepuff Quidditch Team

    Victoria was eager to get Quidditch going again. Last season hadn't lived up to the heights of their championship season and Victoria was hoping under their new captain they would recapture their past glory. The teen made her way down to the pitch clutching her broom in one hand and her club in...