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  1. Sara Benivieni


    This took a bit longer than expected, but here it is! :) Sara x Leif
  2. Sara Benivieni

    Open Rekindled Friendships

    -open after Marijke- Sara never thought she would ever get to the point of wanting to be away from Hogwarts, to be back at home with her siblings. This whole semester had been lonely for the sixth year and right now, she would do anything to make herself feel less alone. She still had...
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    Y33 Slytherin Quidditch Try-Outs

    Sara couldn’t wait to begin her sixth year with a great start, she was happy that at least Quidditch was still part of her busier schedule, she enjoyed the sport way too much to let it go. She arrived to the pitch for the tryouts, not wanting to lose her spot on the team from not showing up. She...
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    Y32 Dueling Match #25

    Sara almost couldn’t believe what happened before her. She thought Alistair would block her spell, but apparently, her own charm had caught him by surprise and she watched as, with her mouth slightly open, it hit him. Not only that, but it seemed as though her spell had been stronger than she...
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    Y32 Dueling Match #25

    Current Points: 125 Sara wasn’t that surprised at Alistair’s expression, since she had managed to dodge that spell she didn’t blame him if he thought he could defeat her that easily. True, she hadn’t expected him to be so quick but she had fast reflexes (most of the time). She cast a shield...
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    Y32 Dueling Match #25

    again so close, yet so far :p Current Points: 140 Sara had kind of expected her spell to work, since it was what - a first year charm? But she knew better than that. The easier the spell she cast, the easier it was to defend against it. She had to think of better, higher-level stuff. She...
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    Y32 Dueling Match #25

    Current Points: 150 Sara took a deep breath. She almost couldn’t believe that she had made it to the final of the duelling tournament. She had to do her best, she could not have come this far just to have the title of winner out of her reach this easily. She cleared her throat, and once she had...
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    Y32 Dueling Match #11

    Current Points: 120 Sara felt a little more courageous as the duel went on, and she had to think quick as she was sure Camila was clever with thinking up spells. She did not want to give up or lose, and she was surprisingly beginning to enjoy herself. She smiled to herself, and when the other...
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    Y32 Dueling Match #11

    Current Points: 135 Sara felt sort of satisfied that her spell was successful, and she couldn’t help but admire the Ravenclaw as she didn’t seem to be panicking. Instead she took off her robes and fired another spell towards the Italian. Sara jumped to the side to avoid the spell, she didn’t...
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    Y32 Dueling Match #11

    Current Points: 145 Sara was kind of disappointed that she hadn’t managed to hit her opponent, although she knew there might be a bigger chance as the duel progressed. She did not want to be hit by the bogey spell, ew. Gross. She easily deflected it with protego, and cleared her throat to cast...
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    Y32 Dueling Match #11

    Current Points: 150 Sara had signed up for duelling in order to improve her skills, she was getting older and she was already more than halfway through her Hogwarts career. She wanted to be prepared for the outside world and the future, and she figured the best way to start was to participate in...
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    Bi-Weekly Update

    Thanks for the update Emzies! So happy to see so many things happening as usual :) Slowly but surely coming back to the site haha. First semester of uni has messed up my sleeping schedule... I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up lessons at this point :p Edit: as you can see, I’m posting this...
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    Y32 Slytherin Quidditch Try-Outs

    Sara was more than ready for the new year, she had gone home during the holidays as usual except every time seemed to be a little different. It was going to be a challenge being the oldest Benivieni at the school now that Leo too had graduated. It felt strange, as all of her siblings were now...
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    All I need is love

    Here’s the one for Sara and Gabriel:
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    Practice Buddies

    Sara was loving her time on the quidditch team. It was the third year she was on, and the first where she had a permanent position instead of being an alternate. First time she was a chaser, too. But after she played as keeper for two years the brunette had considered trying the opposite...
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    Hello Guys!

    Welcome to HNZ, Almira! :) I'm Clara, been on the site for three years now. If you want to plot or simply chat sometime I'm always free for that and up to it! I do have some characters who will be sorted next year as well, which is exciting :D
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    Slytherin Quidditch Practice

    Soon after Sara had managed to score she heard Odette give her and the other chasers advice and she sent a nod in understanding towards the captain, and chased after the ball once more, to switch up the practice strategy and take Odette's suggestion. She wasn’t sure where Rory was or why he...
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    Final push

    Good luck Kaitlyn! Hope all goes well :hugs:
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    Can You Get A Second Chance At A First Impression?

    Sara had been pleased when she had made the Quidditch team officially, and she had been proud of herself for having tried out for Chaser which was available as opposed to getting the keeper position, as an alternate, once again. She did play last year but if she was more consistent with her...
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    Slytherin Quidditch Practice

    Sara watched as Jasmine managed to score and she nodded, a little impressively at her efforts. She was a good chaser and it was good for the team. She decided to have another turn, so she flew to where the quaffle was and once she had grabbed it she flew to the hoops and threw it with as much...