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  1. Niamh Eriksen

    star light

    the summer was still here. the days were warm but the nights were beautiful, mild and clear. it was the evening and she packed some snacks into her bag in the dorm it wasn't curfew yet but the sun was already below the horizon. "I'm going outside for an evening picnic. would you like to come"...
  2. Niamh Eriksen

    One summer's day

    Sky made her way out of the castle. it was a beautiful day, it was warm. much warmer than she was used to at home and the sun had been shining bright all day but now it was later in the afternoon and the sun wasn't so bright and the light was soft. in her hand she carried her viola case. she had...
  3. Niamh Eriksen

    Harmony Niamh "Sky" Eriksen

    The Basics Name: Harmony Niamh Eriksen Nickname: Sky House: Hufflepuff Birthday: 8th March Hometown: Tromsø, Norway Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: half/mixed blood. Five words that best describe your character: unique, musical, otherworldly, free-spirited, Appearance Hair Color: pale...
  4. Niamh Eriksen

    Open Other side of the world.

    New Zealand. Why on earth was she in New Zealand, she should be going to dermstrang, but just over a year ago her dad had got a promotion to lecture at a University in New Zealand. She and her mum had stayed in Norway for a year while she finished school but now they were in New Zealand. . Sky...