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  1. Geovanna Volt

    Oh hai

    Hey guys!! I know I was only supposed to be away for 2 weeks or so at the beginning of the year, but that took a turn and it's only now that I'm really able to bring my focus back so firstly I apologise for the lack of plots and changes that had to be made this year. That being said, many of...
  2. Geovanna Volt

    Hitting pause

    Hey all Thought I was gonna get away with not having to post this but it's been a heavy week especially and it's doesn't appear to be lifting, so I'm taking a step back from everything for a mo while I figure out my brain =)) I know I have many many things on at the moment and I'm sorry that...
  3. Geovanna Volt

    Closed When one door closes

    Geo hadn't actually given James the full picture yet of what had happened between her and Austin. She'd already taken leave from her job which meant that James would have been either by himself or partnered up with one of the other Aurors for the last week or so, and while Geo did miss her role...
  4. Geovanna Volt

    Closed The new chapter begins

    In all honesty, Geo was terrified of what was about to happen, but she’d told herself over and over again that it was the right thing to do. She’d been living with Austin for nearly a year, and the pair had been dating for over four. This made sense, and despite what she’d told James the the...
  5. Geovanna Volt

    Project E

    PROJECT E Project E is the code name for Geovanna's childhood background. Over the period of about 12 - 18 months she will discover who is she, where she's come from and how she connects to other people. This is something that has been in my head since she was a first year, and so in theory...
  6. Geovanna Volt

    Just 2.. or 20

    Gonna try and keep this simple. Here are all my kids, most of them are looking for something in particular so please let me know if you're interested! SEVENTH YEARS Maggie Ryan Rosendale - Maggie's last year of Hogwarts, she's going to be trying her best to get good grades. She only really...
  7. Geovanna Volt

    Closed Me vs You

    James at home wasn't the same person as James at work. While Geo appreciated that Jess' brother had an eye open for her while they were training as Aurors, he seemed to be much more relaxed when they had a chance to spend time with each other as friends instead of colleagues. They'd been friends...
  8. Geovanna Volt

    Open 2050 NYE Party!

    Geo was too excited for that afternoon and the events that would follow into the night. She and Austin were hosting their first party in their new house, one they’d bought together a short distance away from Obsidian Harbour, and a place they’d turned into their home. After inviting a number of...
  9. Geovanna Volt

    Geovanna Volt

    GEOVANNA VOLT SOCIAL CIRCLE BEST FRIENDS James Cade Jessica Cade Flavio Morales Solomon Mordaunt FRIENDS Sophie Wilson Austin Branning Autumn Branning April Ward Sara Benivieni Riley Hovegrass Maddie Walden Leila Walden Elizabeth Chatwin Norton Gillespie Phoebe Holland Willow Cullen...
  10. Geovanna Volt

    Open Auror patrols

    Bleak Street was one of those places that when Geo was younger, she'd only ever imagined entering. It wasn't somewhere she wanted to go unless she knew what she was doing, but now that she was training to be a fully fledged Auror, it was included in the list of areas around New Zealand that...
  11. Geovanna Volt

    NYE House Party!

    So Geo may no longer be able to hold her annual New Years Eve parties at school, but now that she's moved into a house with Austin, the pair are hosting their first New Years Eve house party! They live in New Zealand, and anyone who knows either of them are invited, although I would ask that...
  12. Geovanna Volt

    Closed So, what’s next?

    Geo couldn’t believe the day was really here. She was no longer the seventh year Hufflepuff, so much as the graduate and now she was ready for what came next. Taking the steps down from the stage, her eyes were already scouting the room for two of the most important people to her. She done what...
  13. Geovanna Volt

    Open New Year Cliff Party

    It was the last year Geo had to throw her New Year's parties, and she hoped others would keep the tradition going once she'd left. It had originated from her own birthday party, but since others seemed to enjoy the late night festivities including the music, food and small bonfire, it had turned...
  14. Geovanna Volt

    Open 6 down 1 to go

    Geo had attended her first Yule ball with her friends, so it was only fitting that for her last that she went with one of her best. The seventh year knew she still had a lot of making up to do, and the last few years hadn’t been easy for either of them, but maybe there was a chance that this was...
  15. Geovanna Volt

    Closed Once more for luck?

    Geo still didn't feel like she was back fully yet in New Zealand, nor that everyone welcomed her back after her sudden disappearance, but she hoped her doubts would pass once classes started and she got back into the swing of things. The Hufflepuff wanted to make sure her last year was the best...
  16. Geovanna Volt

    Closed We’ll always be team yellow

    Geo had barely slept at all since finding out that she’d been invited to Austin’s graduation. She knew working in Scotland was the best thing for her career and the experience she was gaining in the country would be prove useful, but that didn’t mean she didn’t miss her friends more than...
  17. Geovanna Volt

    Open Work Experience

    The sixth year Hufflepuff, who's blonde hair poured down her back like a waterfall as she sat hunched over her book, head in her hands and eyes closed softly. She'd lost count of how long she'd been sat in the student lounge, reading her text books over and over in the hopes of the words...
  18. Geovanna Volt

    Closed Is my moment now here?

    Two years ago, Geo found herself in a similar position as she was now, stood behind the door to Professor Styx's office and waiting to be allowed in after a knock. The difference however was that she was a little older and with her fifth year ahead her, more ready than she was before. She'd not...
  19. Geovanna Volt

    Closed Right on time

    Just as predicted, the sharp crack of thunder burst out from the toy she'd hidden amongst the food, and Geo sniggered at the Hufflepuff table as she tried to keep a straight face as the students around began glancing around in confusion at the noise.
  20. Geovanna Volt

    Old School Week Make the most of it

    It was early and Geo wanted to be outside, so putting on her coat she headed across the Courtyard.