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  1. Alistair Lancaster

    Y33 Dueling Tournament: Duels

    Dueling Tournament Round One Duel Number Participants Link Proctor Victor Duel #1 Blake Irons vs Christian Cade Link Professor Katherine Alicastell Blake Irons Duel #2 Nell Wright vs Aonghas Fergusson Link Professor Kalif Styx Nell Wright Duel #3 Cyzarine Haden vs Jasper Night Link...
  2. Alistair Lancaster

    Y33 Dueling Tournament: Sign-Ups

    Hello! As usual, the Student Defence Association will be hosting a duelling tournament this semester, so if your character is feeling competitive, or in need of taking out their aggression through ~magical combat~, then definitely sign up below! The tournament will begin on the 27th of May, and...
  3. Alistair Lancaster

    Simple Math

    Coming from a completely magical background, Alistair wasn't exactly the most well versed on all things no-maj, or muggle, as they were referred to in New Zealand, and a few other Commonwealth countries. Still an odd term to be hearing, and one he couldn't quite understand the roots of...
  4. Alistair Lancaster

    Plots Pls

    Hi! So I rarely do PDs and I've been meaning to change that for a while. Starting one during Sorting is probably a horrible idea but I'm pretty sure if I don't get it over with now I'll probably never get to it at all :P Not since Aeon however many years ago, have much of my characters really...
  5. Alistair Lancaster

    Payback a Poltergeist

    The entirety of the year had crawled by at a snails pace, but the final couple of months at Hogwarts had suddenly picked up speed as everything abruptly happened at once. There were the exams, which for the most part weren't too difficult, but the Slytherin found himself too distracted by recent...