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  1. Bronch Its

    Closed Time for a Lil' Snack

    Bronch was waiting for the answers from the kids. He was pretty surprised that the girl called him sir. - Sir? No one has called me that for a loong time.. He gave the girl a little smile. Bronch figured out that they were probably first years as rarely people treated house elves with respect or...
  2. Bronch Its

    Closed Time for a Lil' Snack

    Bronch was feeling that he shouldn't be going to sleep and there was a lot of stuff that he had to do. Curfew was the exact perfect time in kitchen when no one was there and it was quiet, he could do all his duties and everything he planned without anyone interrupting him or being loud. Before...
  3. Bronch Its

    Open Hunting for some milk (After Maria)

    Bronch Its was running around the school with his little legs, trying to do everything in time. As the dinner at the Great Hall was finished, he was cleaning the Great Hall and slowly going back to the kitchens with a grumpy mood and a poker face on. Bronch Its was never a one to show his...