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  1. Malkin Aster

    Malkin Aster (Relationships)

    R E L A T I O N S H I P S F A M I L Y Lucian Aster(Father)Complicate Relationship Stella Aster (Mother)Complicate Relationship Aleksandr Romanov(Uncle) Distant Relationship Esther Aster (Aunt) Good Relationship Ykel Romanov (Cousin) Good Relationship B E S T • F R I E N D S Malkin...
  2. Malkin Aster

    Open Looking amazing ... as always

    Malkin was totally ready to party, this new dress she had bought fit her perfectly and it made her want to go to the Valentine's dance even more to strut around in it.When she entered the great room, a big smile formed on the face of the young girl.The beauty of the scenery had taken her by...
  3. Malkin Aster

    A Forbidden Excursion

    Malkin had been planning to go to the Forbidden Forest since the start of the year, but there was always a few things that got in his way. She had therefore waited until the holidays so that there were as few people as possible to see her and today seemed the perfect day, it had started to rain...
  4. Malkin Aster

    Malkin Aster

    🌋General Information🌋 Name: Malkin Aster Nickname: Mal Meaning : Malkin-> from a medieval female personal name, a diminutive of Mal(le), a pet form of Mary (said to mean literally "rebellion."), with the hypocoristic suffix -kin. Jewish (from Belarus): metronymic from the Yiddish female personal...
  5. Malkin Aster

    Banner for Malkin

    Character name: Malkin Aster Play By: Alice Pagani Text on Banner: Even when I lose I win Colour Scheme: Nothing in particular Image Options: 1 2 3 4 5 Her aesthetic if you want some inspiration As Always thanks in advance :claire: