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  1. Leda Layton


    Wish granted, only thing is you have no teeth I wish I wasn’t sick
  2. Leda Layton

    Closed Getting Lucky

    Leda, was not good at flirting. She hadn’t really ever attempted to properly, given that she’d never really had the desire to, but even if she did she wouldn’t even know where to begin. Today however she was more relaxed than usual, trusting in the potion she’d just taken to guide her wherever...
  3. Leda Layton

    Oh right, should probably say hi

    It’s true. She would. I’ve seen her eyes
  4. Leda Layton

    Let’s get to know each other IC!

    The Silencing Charm. It's not so much the spell I enjoy. It's the excuse for my consequences that come after.
  5. Leda Layton

    Closed Getting Lucky

    (Set Week 4 of S1 Y33) Leda could feel it. Feel it in her bones that luck was most definitely on her side since her Potions class. After taking Felix Felicis in Professor Mowry's lesson, she was definitely going to make good use of her fortune. The young Slytherin still needed to make her mark...
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    Name Three Game!

    Charlotte Owens, Reuben Lagowski, Patricia Styx Name 3 pets currently in use by a student or character
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    Mate, Date or SLATE

    I don't know what you're talking about Willow Slate - You have no use either
  8. Leda Layton

    Name Three Game!

    Aion, Cyan and Iris Zephyr :wub: Name 3 characters of the same family, but in different generations
  9. Leda Layton

    Name Three Game!

    Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, The Hobbit, Hunger Games =)) May not be first person but there's speech!! Name 3 character currently under 10 years old.
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    Name Three Game!

    Lillith Kain, Samuel Phillips, Valerie Louise! Name 3 potion ingredients
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    14th Birthday Werewolf!!

    Who do you think it is?
  12. Leda Layton

    Perfect Match

    See I think on face value Tyler Lee and Elio would work, but then you get their opposing personalities =)) Opposites attract?
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    Name Three Game!

    Ilija Olaf, Abian Hunter and Alice Holland (Unintentional I mentioned all puffs =)) ) Name 3 Former Slytherins
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    Hot or Not

    OutofDate/OutofTen Are you aware what century we're in?
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    Mate, Date or SLATE

    Slate. You're no use to me
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  17. Leda Layton

    Eurovision 2019

    I was somewhat disappointed by it this year . The songs for the most part seemed particularly slow and while great songs in themselves, didn't really stand up to be Eurovision worthy to me. I always remember the loud and fun songs winning (although this year that tradition broke!) . My...
  18. Leda Layton

    14th Birthday Werewolf!!

    Lovi is also the person I think is mostly likely to be the wolf, Of the other two I think are suspicious they're still not as high on the list as her so that's where my vote is going! Fingers crossed no more innocents have to dieee! I vote for Lovi
  19. Leda Layton

    Open Tired of being tired

    Leda nodded, wondering if Sapphire would be more than an alternative at some point. Odette was good but she’d be graduating at the end of the year, and they would need a solid replacement. “Actually I wanted to practice my flying rather than my catching. I need to go fast. And avoid bludgers of...
  20. Leda Layton

    14th Birthday Werewolf!!

    This is going well. I wasn’t convinced enough yesterday to vote a lynch, although it’s annoying Rowans been taken out now. I’m going to stand by my previous comments, as there’s still someone who stands out to me as the wolf.