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  1. Sofia Mikaelson

    Before New Adventures

    Sofia would never have imagined that there would ever be a separation from friends, but had to do so. She came to visit her father, because after the divorce, the parents agreed that Sofia would be able to visit America whenever she wanted. Of course, this was one good reason she could also meet...
  2. Sofia Mikaelson

    Closed Art & Louvre

    Sofia always liked to travel and see other countries to learn about their culture. However, on almost all trips she went to art museums to see paintings from some of the world's finest artists. When Father served as a gift trip to France, Sofia was thrilled in the air. Because it was a great...
  3. Sofia Mikaelson

    One is Sofia

    Very beautiful. Thank you very much!!
  4. Sofia Mikaelson

    One is Sofia

    Character's Name: Sofia Mikaelson Banner Type: 500x200 in size Celebrity you're using: Sofia Carson Images: 1, 2, 3 Text on banner: Sofia Mikaelson and text: Free Spirit Colour Scheme: Color rainbow colors, sky, brushes and painter color palette Other: Thank, very much!
  5. Sofia Mikaelson

    Sofia Mikaelson

    The Basics Character's Name: Sofia Mikaelson Character's Birthdate: 2035, 19 April Age: 13 Hometown: New Zealand, Wellington Blood Status: Mixed-blood Sexulatity: Hetrosexua Wand: 10¾, vine wood, dragon heartstring Wood: Vineyard is one of the least commonly used softwood trees. Their owners...