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  1. Stefan Archer

    Treasure Hunt! i think this fits....they don't get to the actual wedding but it's on the day off
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    Semester Two begins tomorrow! Get your students registered for their classes via the gradebook and check out the notifications topic to keep on track of all lessons that'll get posted during the semester!
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    Lesson Notification Y33 S2

  4. Stefan Archer

    Treasure Hunt!

    okay so this has never happened guys, like you've never reached ten. but also conor barnard number 94
  5. Stefan Archer

    Treasure Hunt!

    does this count:
  6. Stefan Archer

    Treasure Hunt!

    one of my fav ever topics/plots:
  7. Stefan Archer

    Top 14s!

    the nightmares are past tense, the carpal tunnel syndrome from the clicking is forever xD
  8. Stefan Archer

    Top 14s!

    okay so i'm doing a top 14 of moments/characters/things/just stuff thats happened - i'd do songs if i had the patience xD 1. Ouchie - Orwell&Archie 2. Avie's Death - and largely the old Lucien, Esme and Avie dynamic 3. the tristan and jerara friendship saga - also just Tristan Collins in...
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    Treasure Hunt!

    is three in one good enough?
  10. Stefan Archer

    What are you listening to?

    On my way - Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter and Farruko
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    Treasure Hunt!

    okay what a rabbit hole i went down xD that made me crazy nostalgic for folk and i kinda feel bad that mine is also Bellatrix Green but here: also some honourable mentions of things I found unrelated to the task...
  12. Stefan Archer

    Happy Birthday Lovi!

    Happy Birthday! According to HNZ you also turn 21 sooo yay! for the legal drinking age! I hope you have an awesome day!
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    Oh right, should probably say hi

    Welcome back! :hug:
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    Treasure Hunt!

    a topic of mine
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    Happy Birthday Maria!

    Happy Birthday Maria! I hope you have a really awesome day!
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    Treasure Hunt!

    okay so this one? by someone else who is not me:
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    14th Birthday Werewolf!!

    i come when summoned....
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    False - I have no known food allergies TPBM is listening to music right now
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    14th Birthday Werewolf!!

    what up - innocent person here whose just bad at remembering games - the beginning days are always difficult because there are lots of people and very little to go off. But in saying that after reading everything I'd say Alex. Mostly like yeah, last time she acted sus and was innocent, but like...
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    Treasure Hunt!

    Treasure Hunt Signups! Stefan Archer Treasure Hunt Signups! Stefan Archer