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  1. Willow Cullen

    Phoenix Scouts

    This is a cool idea. I would definitely sign Lin up. I was actually thinking the other day that it would be fun to do a multi day (almost) magic free hike with willow and a group maybe something to consider with the dragon scouts
  2. Willow Cullen

    Student Plots!

    Oh, right, that’s what happens when I am half asleep. iris and elvera adandoned classroom? Iris could be practicing and elvera finds her?
  3. Willow Cullen

    Student Plots!

    Oh do not much has changed between them them. hmm selene. Ravenclaw tower. Fairly late at night?
  4. Willow Cullen

    Student Plots!

    @Amber Chou Wilson I don’t know how it would go. I mean it was a year ago and bell seemed to rebound hard and fast. Though maybe something to do with their recent fall out. i was thinking selene but elvera would be interesting. She hasn’t had that much interaction with students for a while.
  5. Willow Cullen

    Student Plots!

    I think selene is already feeling a pent up wrath from bell so let’s not do that one until someone has cooled down a tad. But did you want to to start something for iris. And if so where?
  6. Willow Cullen

    Oh? Plots?

    Awesome did you want me to start something?
  7. Willow Cullen

    Group Read 📖

    Thanks rowan. yeah do it I have total faith in you. Even if it only a couple of pages a month you will get there. And it feels great when you do. mind you next year I might stick to English.
  8. Willow Cullen

    Group Read 📖

    Okay so this kind of get left to one side as I was studying and it takes a hell of a lot more concentration than a normal book. but (insert drumroll 🥁🥁🥁🥁) I finished. I can now say I have read Harry Potter og de vises sten entirely in Danish.
  9. Willow Cullen

    Fading In

    Arle. :glomp: Welcome back. I am glad to see you around again. we will have to plot again some time. Mia :mia:
  10. Willow Cullen

    Linden's Sig.

    Wow. I don’t LIKE it Rowan. I absolutely LOVE it :wub: :wub: You really are on a roll with graphics tonight.
  11. Willow Cullen

    Saw a dugite while out for a run today. Be careful people. non magical creatures can be...

    Saw a dugite while out for a run today. Be careful people. non magical creatures can be dangerous too.
  12. Willow Cullen

    Name Three Game!

    Katie bell Angelina Johnson Alicia spinnet name three sports/physical activities that dont require equipment (they can use equipment such as specific shoes but it is not required at a basic level)
  13. Willow Cullen

    Get to know you!

    All of the lollies. I like both sweet and sour. I probably eat more sweet because that is what we have at work. And it is less messy. I also love super salty liquorice when I am studying ( think so salty it looks like it is sour with the crystals on the outside except it is salt)
  14. Willow Cullen

    Closed THE Date

    Willow could not believe that she had been training for over three months. she was loving being in the auror department. she had already made friends there not just those from her year at school either. It was tough work she often got home at the day exhausted. she was glad that she had managed...
  15. Willow Cullen

    🌕 Halloween Werewolf 🐺

    hang on. Seeing as the ghost was KILLED by the wolves on night one. there is very little reason that the ghost would be on the wolves side as it would be a really silly (or very smart but a huge potential to backfire) to kill one of their own night one. the only other way the ghost could be on...
  16. Willow Cullen

    🌕 Halloween Werewolf 🐺

    @Ainsley Lynch quick question. If you have been spell cast can you quote someone so people know what your gif is referring to or can you only put a gif and hope that people understand.
  17. Willow Cullen

    🌕 Halloween Werewolf 🐺

    Wait. Who is this? If you are so shocked remember life is only temporary. The wolves and reaper is coming for us all in the end (though hopefully not all of us in the game) I don’t think the wolves have killed one of their own intentionally before but I think one game the Cupid set the lovers...
  18. Willow Cullen

    Last BOOK you read

    I am currently listening to an audiobook called the girl in red by Christina Henry. It is good, interesting, and so relevant to what is going on in the world It is a retelling of little red riding hood. So it is set in a post apocalyptic America. The apocalypse being a disease where people dye...
  19. Willow Cullen

    Yule Ball Dance Lessons

    Elliot Briar & Alice Holland Brooke Townsend Ana Sofia Burleigh Chloë Thompson & Solomon Tofilau Selene Le Fey Lysander Summers Jenna Jusantrea & Daintree Vaskevold Poppy Perkins Nikko Blackwood Juniper Zumwalt Adorah Zumwalt & Aisa Hunter Marco Mariani & Alec Maxwell Lillith Montgomery Saira...